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Czech Republic - Brno 3

Hi! This report is just about Brno´s underground hc / punk bands. No labels, no punk places - it´s just bands. If someone from the bands has some other activities you will know that!

The first band I want to write about is Zeměžluč, which was started in 1986 and has been playing to this day. Zeměžluč plays something between hardcore and punk, but I think everybody tells you Zeměžluč is punkrock. The reason I wrote also hardcore is because they frequently change members. So there is a record like ‘System Kanibal’ that sounds like HC punk and then ‘Z extrému do extrému’ that is more punkrock. Zeměžluč has only one original member, Šoty, who is the bass player and he has played the whole time since 1986. The band recently recorded a new split 7-inch EP with Prague crust punk band Angry Brigade. A song from this EP is here.

Another band that has played for almost 17 years is See You in Hell. Everybody who knows the original member Filip Fuchs. Unfortunately Filip died one year ago after a fight with cancer. Then Filip was also member of a band called Mrtvá Budoucnost and he was  publisher of Czech cult zine Hluboká Orba. 
After pause of one long year, See You in Hell had the first show with a new line-up in December 2016.  Recently they have played with two guitars. One guy is the bass player from Tomorrow´s Hell and other is the guitarist from Kriminalitat. The last gig with Filip is here.

The next band that is almost classic for people from our city is Risposta, who started around 2005 and play to this day. Just like many other bands, Risposta have changed many members. So there were people who came from Festa Desperato, Brunner Todesmarch, Last Call for Peace or v Době Moru. These days Risposta play as a three-piece with no second guitar or individual vocals. Risposta look like this these days.

Macgyver is band that was started from Pazi Snajper. They have been playing since 2002 but are not too active. They released one 7-inch EP and one great LP called Panthalassa. It´s sophisticated punkrock with melodic roots. Listen here.

When I read someone else’s report from Brno, I realised that many writers don´t mention My Dead Cat. The reason is simple. They don´t play hardcore or even angry punk but I think they belong to Brno HC/punk scene. Of course, they play something between pop or garage punk but the guys are from this city, they visited hc / punk shows and the guitarist is even the ex-singer from Mrtvá Budoucnost. The Ex-drummer plays in Zeměžluč and they played for the last 15 years...

Evidence Smrti was started when Basto broke up. The singer is the bass player from legendary band Mrtvá Budoucnost. He has an original style of singing. Music is dark and fast hc punk but the singing is like from some old-school metal bands. Nobody is surprised that many members play or have played in Festa Desperato, V Době Moru, Brunner Todesmarch.
I think Tummo is the only band who play stoner / sludge / hc / punk here. People from Tummo have also played in Mad Pigs or More Bad News. Two years ago Tummo changed their line-up so there is Máša from Mad Pigs on bass and a Pavla on vocals :) I think this line-up is better than the original line up. I think it’s faster and more lively. And the bass player is even active in his personal live, working for an organization that helps gypsies out of the ghettos.

I think we have two bands that play something between crust and grind. The first one is V době more. And the second is Škoda 120. V době moru started about 2008 from the break-up of a band called Reakce na změnu. So if you have the tape of Reakce na změnu that was released on Ultima Ratio - so it runs over into V době moru. And the second band Škoda 120 has been playing since 1996, the whole time playing grindcore. I think they are part of the Brno HC /punk scene even though they play more grindcore gigs.

Another band what I want to write about is Brunner Todesmarch. They are not strangers in our scene. The singer played in Risposta or Festa Desperato (bass), the drummer in SUMO, Korubo, Resurgo and Corebastards and the guitar player is from Evidence Smrti or The Intruderss.  The singer has published a punk fanzine called Smrt, which means “Death”. They play fast and loud! 

Brno has one terrible bass player but the guy is also great drummer and you can hear him in Bombatölcsér. My mind is totally fucked up so now I realise that there are not just two crust / grind bands. There are even more bands playing this genre and one of them is just Bombatölcsér. I think if Eric (the good drummer) lives in Brno or doesn´t die drinking too much vodka - there will be always something here that will have grind and has fast roots. So if you like this genre - then listen to Bombatölcsér here.

If you like bands like His Hero is Gone or Children of the Fall or maybe Fall of Efrafa then listen to Same River Twice!  In contrast to other bands SRT don´t play crust / hc / punk or something like that and I´m glad. There are many bands that play the same genre constantly and it´s boring. In addition Jiřina (the guitarist) is very active guy. He organised the local alternative festival Protestfest and these days he manages local vegetarian / vegan club Vegalite where there are many punk gigs. It’s interesting that the guitar player and drummer played before in band called Nagaika. They only released a split CD with RIP band More Bad News but I think the material is great. Even better than Same River Twice but it´s just my opinion.

Another band who I have to mention is Got a Wolf. GAW play sofisticated modern hardcore / punk with many intersting passages. Sometimes I feel the influence of the "mathcore" genre  but I´m afraid that a guitarist from GAW would tell me it´s bullshit - so ask him. The last stuff that they released is called "Dead Inside" and it´s from compilation that was released on a czech known label "Damage Done Records" - listen here.

If you like melodic hardcore / punk listen to Resurgo. They started in 2008, changed a few members and between 2012 - 2015 were nonactive. They released one CD-r demo and recently an LP V zajetí myšlenek. The band were / are people from: Brunner Todesmarch, Zeměžluč, My Dead Cat, SUMO, Pripyat, Trauma 84. The guitarist is also active in group of people who fight for animal rights - Kolektiv pro zvířata (Collective for Animals). 

Aliusterra is a typical angry anarcho-punk band from the eighties. It´s not fast but it´s angry. I recommend the first demo from 2013. Later records are more melodic and on one record you can even hear the saxophone. Recently they have a girl and boy singer :)
When I wrote about Aliusterrra I have to write about Godot Youth that was started by the ex-drummer from Aliusterra Keyda. When I firstly heard the demo of GY it´s reminded me of another Czech band Innoxia Corpora. Maybe the reason why I hear that band is because the guitarist is from the same place as Innoxia. So GY is primitive slower punk with a spiky punk melody. And the same as Aliusterra, there is girl and guy on vocals. BTW: The guy is the ex-vocalist from great Jihlava´s band Rapsod! BTW2: The drummer from GY played also in Rapsod.

When I wrote about Škoda 120, V době more and Bombatölcsér I forgot about 6mas. So there are not only two crust / grind bands that come from punk roots but there is also 6mas! Listen here

Kullervo is next band of Mirek Kokavec. Mirek played in Festa Desperato, Scarto, Basto and Korubo. So it´s logical that his other band has "O" on the end of the name. And I think Kullervo is not something too different from what he played before. So if you like raw punk listen here and BTW: Mirek also plays in a band Kamil who played with him in the original line-up of Festa Desperato. BTW2: Mirek also has a label and distro Ultima Ratio. 

Another new band in our city is Trauma 84. Trauma have played since 2013 but the first demotape was released in 2015. The guitarist from Trauma also plays in Resurgo or Zeměžluč. The bass player is the drummer from Bombatölcsér or No God Rhetoric and he also has a band called Moral Hangover.

Trauma 84 plays something between hc / punk and metal and has a girl singer. The bass player is also the publisher of zine Spalená ramena that is completely in English. So if you find the zine, buy it!

Moral Hangover is also from the new generation of Brno´s bands. As well as the drummer and bass player there are even two new people! Brno is almost unreal because almost everybody plays in 2 bands. One of the people is even skinhead! Brno also unreal because almost every skinhead is like a nazi. But he is not, he is good guy.  So Moral Hangover is something between Mob 47 and Homoconsumens. I feel its melodic guitar and totally fast drums. 

If you like typical emo / hardcore with many guitar pedals I recommend you Kruhy. Kruhy are also brand new band. But it wouldn´t be band from Brno if somebody doesn´t play in another band. So bass player from Kruhy is also guitarist from Got a Wolf. They released one short demo. Listen here.

Another good skinhead is in the band called Bob Senclark. He doesn´t drink, doesn´t beat up people and isn´t even a nazi! He is something between primitive Oi! and rock ’n’ roll. The bass player publishes a punk / comic zine called Elens.

The last new band is No God Rhetoric. The drummer of Bombatalcser is unsatisfied with the lack of fast bands so he started a new fast / power violence band. They have one demo and last week recorded a new one. Eric also played in a band called Terrorelhárítás but the band did not live long. 

I mentioned Pazi Snajper and My Dead Cat. If you are intersted in where the ex-guitarist from these bands plays listen to Nikander. Nikander are entirely new band and they play dark sludge / metal / hc punk in the same style as Tummo. I forgot that there is not just Tummo that play this genre. And if you like girls vocal then here it is! 

If you want to see something untypical look here. It´s the singer from 6mas and it´s great. In my view even better than 6mas. Nobody can do that here! The name of this project is USNU?. He uses some guitar pedal effects, mic amp and a mini-football set! Is there anything better than guy who plays noise on mini-football set?

And to end here are a few good bands that don´t exist anymore but you should listen them:



Monday, 12 September 2016

KROD Records

KROD Records was created in March 2015 by Jordan Calvi (owner, label manager and tour booking manager). Loic Gauthey joined this record label as a graphic designer and helped time to time in booking bands. Jordan used to organise shows in Nevers through Boi!cott Asso with Loic from 2008 to 2011. 

Keine Rose ohne Dornen Records (german name) means No Rose Without a Thorn. The philosophy and how they work is summed up by the attitude that you have to work hard to get what you want even if you'll get some troubles, you have to carry on and never give it up. Jordan wants to make a music family more than a basic record label. Bands are chosen not only for their music, but also because they are human, anti racist, anti sexist, and there is a strong connection all the time. Speaking with band members at least every two weeks is important to see what to plan in the future. He also tries to work all the time with each of the bands and this makes this tiny record label stronger.

Jordan comments, 'In a record label, you produce bands you like, sometimes they are already your friends. I like pressing their vinyls and cds and see their hapiness when they get the final record in their hands. I like promoting their music on magazines and radios and get some good reviews, I like when people come at the shows or just send me message to tell me they like that band at KROD. I like this family attitude I created in this record label. I think this is my motivation to carry on working in it.'

Monday, 20 June 2016

US - Bucks County, PA

Yo, this is Mitch Koehler, AKA Rich Roller, and I am the vocalist of Carried Away, a metallic hardcore band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I want to shine some light on the state of hardcore and punk music from Pennsylvania – mainly Bucks County and beyond, because the bands deserve it.  

(co-produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Kopertowski)

Right now, the bands I know of and support are my ex-roommate’s new band, On Patrol (ex. Mishap) and their Cesspool Collective crew, who put in a lot of time promoting awesome DIY shows and benefits for local friends. 

Uzi Kids are another band I’ve heard good things about. I saw they're opening for Blistered and Malice at The Palace coming up August 3rd, and more recently, The Barbary show in Philadelphia a few weeks ago with Jesus Piece. It’s pretty cool hearing what young bands have to offer. 

Timebomb is another Philly/Jersey band from around here, I think they’re out on Harvcore Recs, and I know they’ve played This is Hardcore a couple times…So if you’re going to TIH festival this summer, I’d suggest catching their set. I like their drummer’s chops a lot!

We used to have bands like Wrong Answer from our area, but they are no more as far as I know. I’m real lucky because I got to play bass for WA’s second to last show at the American Legion hall in Willow Grove last year. It was sick, I hopped right up for “Struggler” and even though I kind of fucked up the ending of the song, it was awesome to play in front of 100+ people in one of my favorite bands. Definitely went out strong. 
Outside of Bucks County/Philadelphia was a band called Sawed Off (also on Harvcore). I used to love whatever they’d put out, so I’m thinking of putting together a Tourette Benefit show around this area (because I have a complicated case of Tourette Syndrome) and getting Sawed Off to play a reunion set. That would be cool. 
Wrath&Ruin are another friggin’ heavy band from PA and I respect their style. My boy Dylan Tasch recorded their most recent EP as well as On Patrol’s 2016 demo. Wrath & Ruin also has members from the goliath hardcore act, Agitator, who I had the fortune of seeing back in 2010 w/ Title Fight, Wolfblood, Accident Prone, and Mother of Mercy. All great bands, and I’d be happy to put on a benefit show for half of these bands with Carried Away.  Hopefully the DIY Tourette Benefit show works out this fall, because we’ll promote the hell out it and get all our friends out.
All Tic'd Out is a Tourette Benefit comp featuring DIY punk/hardcore bands around the world. All proceeds go to our Tourette Association chapter of Eastern PA, which benefits research and TS awareness.
Before I forget, Scuzbot from Bucks County (Bensalem) Pennsylvania, have a new record coming out, and a single you can stream. Unfortunately, I no longer play bass in the scuz, but the band is still going strong and so I wish them nothing but success in their coming shows, record releases etc. Scuzbot has always been this sorta underground band people know about, but it’s amazing because we were never actually a touring band or anything like that. But anyway, the new album rules. Go check it out!
I’d also like to give a shout out to GoodTimes from the Jersey Shore, as they have a full length LP coming out this year, and it’s going to kick ass. 
Vengeance is another awesome band from New Jersey featuring members of Underdog, Blacklisted and the legendary Floorpunch. Their music can be streamed as well through Six Feet Under Records.

There’re probably 20 other bands I could think of, but for me these are bands that have stood out to me this past year. PAHC forever.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Blog - Ven Y Unete a la Muerte, Madrid

Interviews and articles about bands of punk rock, hardcore, individuals who are part of the scene and we also talk about our paranoia and bars in our neighborhood. Sometimes the content is a little bizarre. Created for the use and enjoyment of the authors, it contains stories told by drunks in bars, thoughts, a look at neighbourhood pride, reviews of CDs, books, fanzines or movies, pickles, serrano ham, Iberia Jabugo, beer, whisky, gin, potato or tortilla chips, good ribs and first and foremost ROCANROL.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sweden - Umea

The most important venue in Umeå right now is probably Verket, where anyone can organize shows for free if they want to and the venue provides a basic backline and such. It's all ages and if you're 18 or older you can BYOB. There are shows there every weekend and sometimes weekdays also! The bands that play there are very diverse, ranging from hardcore/punk, metal, acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, pop, hip-hop and everything inbetween. So it's not a strictly punk venue although it was founded upon the punk/DIY mentality which it still runs by today. This has brought all the different genres closer to each other as the lineup at shows often consists of bands from mixed genres, it's probably like this in other cities also, I don't know, I just think it's great because you still have your all-out hardcore punk/pop/metal/whatever shows! So in short: Verket is incredibly important to keeping the underground music scene alive in Umeå.

Charlie is a classic punk/hardcore venue in town but there hasn't been many shows there as of late or I must have missed them so I haven't been there personally and now the venue has to close because of some reconstruction thing. However, there will be one last gig with a lot of local punk/hardcore bands so I'll make sure to be there then. If anyone reading this happens to be in Umeå the 7th of February, go there!

A new venue in Umeå that is very interesting is Kulturhuset located in some old roundhouse. I don't know the exact history behind it but I think it all started last summer when, in their own words "This started because some people saw an empty place, gathered together and wanted to fill it with life. Spontaneous, improvised and beautiful. Want to help? Come by and get involved!" This all looked incredibly promising and everyone was excited for the outcome. People from all over town got together to help with all the construction and decoration work needed and then things got started. There were bands playing, art showings, film showings and all different kinds of cultural stuff! This was supposed to continue indefinitely, kind of like a festival without an end. However, eventually politicians and people with money and suits and whatever had to intervene and now the future is unclear for Kulturhuset, but I remain hopeful! Nonetheless, big ups to the people involved in bringing this project to life!!

Then there are places like Guitars, which is a club so that means 18+. For the most part they have DJs but every now and then bands plays there, mostly more established local bands or established bands visiting town. 

There's also Hamnmagasinet, which kind of is a youth center, located next to the local skatepark. Not too many shows are put up there which is a damn shame because the sound system is pretty gnarly. I guess it's because they have a no-alcohol policy that people refrain from visiting/organizing shows there. 

Let's move on to promoters. So, for hardcore we have 090 Hardcore who does a great job putting up hardcore shows and they are also responsible for 090 Hardcorefest which is a two-day festival planned to be held annually. The first 090 Hardcorefest was held in late September last year and it was so much fun with local bands and bands from all over the country on the lineup. It was just amazing. 

Another promoter is Umeå DIY, putting up shows for bands regardless of genre!
Although as I said earlier regarding Verket, anyone can put up shows there so most shows are organized by people engaged in and commited to underground music! 

Okay, so I'm gonna try and put together a list of bands that are currently active in Umeå. Keep in mind that hardcore is far from the only thriving undeground music scene in Umeå but because this is a hardcore blog I will only mention hardcore punk bands. (sorry, other kinds of music) Here we go!

Lesra hardcore/metal 

Trots: hardcore/punk

Kira hardcore/doom/emo/post

Eaten Raw hardcore/punk/crust

Grid grind core

The T-55's hardcore/punk

Desolation State Riot post-metal/sludge/hardcore

The State The Sea Left Me In post/emo/melodic hardcore

Fukushima hardcore/punk

Bad Nerve hardcore/punk

Dick Tracy hardcore/punk

Kidnapped hardcore

Nedslagsplats hardcore/punk/crust

Erased hardcore (formerly known as Tough Luck) soundcloud 

System Annihilated progressive metalcore

Perkulator hardcore/punk/crust

Skörbjugg hardcore/punk 

Latest Fashion hardcore/punk

Misantropic hardcore/punk/crust

Noll Tolerans hardcore 

The list came out a little longer than expected but I hope that's about it. If I've forgotten anyone, sorry, I tried my best!

If you want to play in Umeå get in touch with local musicians/bands and they will help you or try contacting 090 Hardcore or Umeå DIY, I'm sure they will help you!