Monday, 28 May 2012

Brasil - Goiânia/Goiás

"I have decided to try to talk a bit about what's going on here in town (from what I see and have direct contact). Well, I always liked to read about what goes on in the scene and hit other places with that desire to write about the crazy scene of this (already chaotic) city.
I’ll start talking about Perdidas Gerações, a band from a new generation, which emerged in 2011 with the purpose of making punk/hardcore with strong influences from Finland. They released a demo last year, playing a lot here in town and they played in the Distrito Federal next to the legendary band Execradores from São Paulo. These youngsters released a few new songs that will be on the new album to be released by Two Beers or Not Two Beers and Massive Records. Continuing this line of newcomers is a band coming from Manaus that has been resident for some time in Goiânia. Morphic Resonance is a new project that has launched a new album. The Goats, now a trio, are also new, and want to splinter grindcore/death metal without being delicate.
Another band Tirei Zero, part of the new generation of the capital, have some new songs and it seems that new material will drop soon. Wait though, because the songs are new with a different view of the old and what is known to most of us. The evil tongues say that the old hardcore band Ímpeto will have material for staff to check soon but it’s uncertain, let's see, you know, because at the moment it is a virtually just a demo. A legend here in town WxCxM, it seems has retired from performing. This band marked a generation of the rough and the lost who saw the band's memorable concerts in the capital and it is sad that the band has stopped. Another band announced that its activities terminated are Overcome which was excellent, a great loss, because all had female vocals, which is very rare indeed here.
Across the city a bit and arriving in Trindade, the land of god, we come across the Tarja Preta, band of hardcore/punk and recently launched its demo "Desigualdade, Controle" (which by the way is good and shows the evolution of the band).
Returning to the capital again and talking about news, it seems that the old hardcore band Descarga Negativa (which had stopped and came roaring back a few years ago) will drop you guys a full disk, only noting that the band contains two legendary figures of the goianiense scene, the tireless Walkir (the Insetu's Produções) and Junior HC (who has appeared in other bands and produces Letargia Zine). The Death From Above, D-beat band is about to release (or already released, I'm not sure) a split 7'' with the American band Favela Rising, but there is a wait, because the Glauco Mingau (vocals/guitar) always renders works with a surreal quality.
Another band to release something that is new is the Sangue Seco (which is the whisper in the alleys of the city), punk with old ways that contains only thin boys of the old guard of the scene goianense. The news of the band Baba Sheeva is for the new video for the song "Girando HC", very good indeed.
Another band that has been dropping pretty cool videos of melodic hardcore is Coerência. "Calma, O Amanhã!" is a collection of videos and continues strong, playing with or without structure (no frills, which is relevant to other bands here). The band Heretic, instrumental metal, have just dropped the cover and the tracks of their EP, entitled "Lamashtu" which is a preview of the band's second album. The set is a trio of members from bands like Spiritual Carnage, Spirits Of The Shadows and Symphonic Tragedy and the record features a tribute to Billy Idol, played by the band Corja Wander Segundo.
From the sphere of counterculture production, the Insetu's Producões continues strong in the fight and presents to the public the 3rd edition of Fúria Underground, which as the distinguished presence of the band from São Paulo DEFY, the second time in the capital and presenting its new split with Terror Revoluonário band."