Monday, 18 March 2013

Festival - This is Leuven not Woodstock!

"ChaosBar, Freedom in Fire, Sux To Be You and Neanderthal Distro have joined forces in order to bring up this d.i.y. festival. Benefit for Anarchist Center in Paraguay. It is a 1day festival with live bands // workshops // exhibitions etc. and it is gonna take place in ChaosBar/DenACCO which is squatted autonomous place in Leuven/Hellgium, free from any commercial or authoritarian bullshit. We are determined to make it a good festival and have a good time, and in order to that; NO COPS / NO SABAM / NO DRUG DEALERS / NO FASCIST-SEXIST-HOMOPHOBIC CRAP is welcome, and will NOT BE TOLERATED. for now the line up is confirmed and closed; MĂ–RKHIMMEL // death/black/stench // Czech Republic HAZARDER // sludge/stoner/doom/crust // Serbia/Croatia LIVIA SURA // blackened sludge/crust // Romania THE WANTED // black metal/punk // France ZAPRTI ODDELEK // death/power-violence/grind core // Slovenia VOID FORGER // sludge/black metal/crust // Romania HUMAN HOST BODY // death/black/d-beat/crust // Slovenia ZEIT GEIST // grind core // Italy HELLBORN MESSIAH // metal/hardore/crust // Germany SHAID // grind/crust/core // France ACHILLES // crust/death metal/post metal // Sweden other activities and detailes will be announced soon. more and up to date info at; feel free to spread the word! cheers! and see you there!"