Saturday, 26 November 2011

Slovakia 2

Slovakia 1

“Fast and Faster from Slovakia:

Idiots Parade (Zvolen)
Totally faaaster band from Slovakia! They have a split 12" with Abortion (Slovakia), split 7" with Saywhy? (Czech Republic), some songs appear on 7" compilation Sekec Mazec 4 and some demos. In summer 2011 they were on a eurotour with Total Fucking Destruction (USA) and now they are preparing a debut LP on german label T.V.G. Recs.

Vocatio Interna (Cadca/Czech Rep.)
Insane & angry power violence from the north with Skulda from Czech Republic (bands Sheeva Yoga, Prugelknabe and millions of others). They have a split 7" with Prugelknabe and there are plans for a split 7" with K.I.T.T. (Slovakia)

Systemic Damage (Vranov)
New band of active people from Vranov (bands LTT, Hippie Killer, Roxor, Haarp etc.), killer grind with fast & death metal riffs. They have only one demo and want more shows.

Jakubysko (Zvolen)
Three angry guys that play violence grind. They have 2 demo CDs and are prepare a split 12" with Paskuda.

Paskuda (Banska Bystrica)
Very active people that play epileptic fast core, 2 demo CDs, split 7" with Depresy Mouse (Czech Republic), a lot of gigs in the Czech Republic and they often put on gigs in their city.

Alea Iacta Est (Galanta)
Fast grind core from south of Slovakia. They have a split CD with YACK (Hungary) and plan a split 7" with RAS (Spain).

Abortion (Nitra)
Grind core veterans, one of the older grind bands in Slovakia. They have a lot of CDs, also a split 12" with Idiots Parade and a split 7"s with Agathocles (Belgium) and Mesrine (Canada). There are plans for a split 7"s with Čad and Gride (Czech Republic) in 2012.

Unattended Funeral (Zilina)
More crazy power violence from hyperactive guys from Zilina who also played in bands Boiling Point and Mobius. No records yet.

Attack of Rage (Banovce nad Bebravou)
Brutal grind core demolition, 2 CDs.

Čad (Svaty Jur/Bratislava)
Grind/metal/crust or whatever you want to call it by people from punk´n´roll band Vandali. They win if you are counting the amount of vinyl in Slovakia: 6 split 7"s with Ahumado Granujo (Czech Republic), Rabies (Czech republic), Grossmember (Poland), Unholy Grave (Japan) and Entrails Massacre (Germany), split 12"/CD with Beton, CD Sukromna Vojna and out now is a new 12" called Tazky Kov and a lot of demos too.

I think that’s everything from our extreme scene.

Saturday, 19 November 2011


I've started a new thread to celebrate the hardcore/punk classic - the sampler. hcmorethanmusic does not promote individual group releases but I get the feeling that samplers are mainly produced to spread the word about new groups and to offer support to bands that need it most. They are usually compiled by people with a deep passion for our music and there is hardly ever a sense of self-interest when they are released. It is all about the music and the DIY ethic that sets our music apart from most other genres.

Everyone has a favourite sampler - one release that opened up so many new horizons. So I dedicate this new thread to Bullshit Detector and Let Them Eat Jellybeans! :)


Friday, 18 November 2011

Sampler - Casa de Diversion Europe Volume One

Casa de Diversion Europe Volume One

No Omega - The Design (Stockholm, Sweden)

Downfall of Gaia - These Wet Feathers (Hamburg/Berlin, Germany)

Donkey Punch - Hole In The Ears (Paris, France)

Hessian - Blood Of Elijah (Kortrijk/Gent, Belgium)

Plebeian Grandstand - Woe Is You (Toulouse, France)

Black Haven - Lucifer (Ghent, Belgium)

Wardogs - Sick And Tired (South Wales, UK)

Allocation - Rituals (Brussels, Belgium)

Goldust - Acheron (Munster, Germany)

The Rodeo Idiot Engine - Mass Grave (Basque Country)

Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools Of Us (South Wales, UK)

Ritual - The Coldest Shoulder (Munster, Germany)

Alpinist - Unwanted Encore (Munster, Germany)

Black Veins - Death Crown (Birmingham, UK)

Celeste - De sorte que plus jamais un instant ne soit magique (Lyon, France)

Hierophant - We Know Love (Ravenna, Italy)

Breaking Point - Season Of My Discontent (Southern Rise, UK)

Planks - Miasma (Mannheim, Germany)

Frustration - Divination (Dublin, Ireland)

Daggers - Axe (Brussels, Belgium)

As We Draw - Fingers To Stab (Laval, France)

Blame It On The Ocean - Empathy (Udine, Italy)

Hexis - Seputus (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Unholy Majesty - The Owl And The Serpent (Kent, UK)

Stay Hungry - Against The Wall (Linkoping, Sweden)

New Morality - Label Me (Arnhem, Netherlands)

Le Dead Projet - No Random (Paris, France)

Foreseen - The Hammer Of Reality (Helsinki, Finland)

Demonwomb - Prometheus (Vienna, Austria)

Last Dayz - Fuck Off (Poland)

Hive Destruction - Through Dark Brown Deserts We March (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Upright - Better Days (Uppsala, Finland)

Deathrite - Vultures/Wolves (Dresden, Germany)

Coldburn - Anticipate (Leipzig, Germany)

Leviathan - Laceration (Odessa, Ukraine)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Guatemala 2

Guatemala 1

“Last month the Edge Day Show took place in Guatemala. It was a really great show; the bands that played the show were:

Lucha Constante

La Oveja Negra

Siempre Adelante


xUna Vez Masx

Se Vos Mismo

You can check records from guatemala at Bajo Presion Records.
You can download and listen to almost every record they have put out at their bandcamp. They have worked with many bands from different genres as hardcore punk, youth crew, emo, post hardcore, indie plus many more. Also they have distribuited some records from bands from South America and Europe. You can purchase some music on vinyl and CD right at their bigcartel!

Next month another records family will born under the name of Nadie Es Libre Records, they will throw down two releases:

Se Vos Mismo’s Demo "Empieza el Cambio" and Lucha Constante's "Ciclo de Vida"…so stay tuned for more info.

You can check these bands that are really having a great time playing in the hc guatemalan shows:

Creo En Mi


Some past shows that were remarkable were the EP Release "Nunca Más" from Creo En Mi, and the last Central America Show ever from Unrestrained from Vermont. And of course, the Edge Day Show.”

Monday, 14 November 2011

DIY - Monteparadiso, Croatia

"Monteparadiso is a collective running an autonomous cultural center in Pula, Croatia.

Monteparadiso was born in 1992 in a squatted fort in Pula, Croatia. We were mostly into punk/hardcore concerts and similar things. From then on we have a punk/hc fest every summer which gathers people from all over Europe. In 1997 we registered an NGO and in 1999 we moved to an abandoned barracks where we got 100 m2, but then squatted additional 400m2. There we have few rehersal rooms for bands, recording studio, presentation room, concert place, kitchen, hacklab (based only on GNU/Linux) with free internet access, diy cinema, sleeping space, etc.

PLEASE no facist, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or commercial bullshit."

Croatia - Nova Gradiška

"Wise Up is a band from Nova Gradiška.
Live No Regret EP download

In this area there is only this hardcore band, that's so sad. There were a few hardcore bands before but they broke up, as I remember...

Junkyard and Wrong Step

Croatian Punk Scene is a blog from Croatia.

At the moment there are some problems with the city administration, but there are a lot of places to play like Zagreb, Varaždin, Split, Koprivnica and some small towns...

As you can see the Nova Gradiška's scene is dead but we try to keep the scene a little bit alive."

Ukraine 8

Ukraine 7

"Every day some groups break up, some are emerging. Right now I can select...

Leviathan - Odessa power playing with an incredible sound! This year they were selected for the collection of Casa de Diversion Europe Vol 1!

Time Of Defeats - according to rumours, they are soon to release a new record!

Bluesbreaker - you need to look out for these guys' records!

Elsewhere there are a lot of new projects but not yet any recordings!

I have not seen any new zines, but I know that in Russia there is an excellent label Incarnate!

Juggernaut Records is a label from Odessa which has already released two excellent 7"s from Bluesbreaker and The Pack (Moscow)

Design: Alexey Ivanov


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Canada - Ottawa

“Ottawa hardcore is doing great! We've got new kids promoting shows which is awesome. We've got Palehorse and Revenge coming later this month, and Agitator coming in December!

Substance and Think Twice have both broken up, but their members are starting 2 new bands called Spitting Earth and Badlands.

Neither has recorded music just yet but I've heard some demos and they're both sounding really great!

FWYS Records has put out a bunch of new releases...

Sparrows "Goliath" EP

Constraints self titled EP

Lost Youth tape

The guy behind it is also in a new band called Shot Nerves.

A few bands I failed to mention in my last message to you:

Critical Convictions

Life on Trial (members of Ottawa hardcore legends Vimy Ridge)

Motivator (members of Alaskan)

There's others I'm sure I'm still forgetting but in any case that seems to be what's going on right now!”

Ottawa Hardcore fb

Friday, 11 November 2011

UK Edge Day 2011

"UK Edge Day is a celebration of all things UK Straight Edge featuring the best in current hardcore bands and distros from across the UK.

Hometown heroes. Politically charged 90's style hardcore fresh from releasing one of the best LPS of the year.

Photo: Josh Rock

Breaking Point
Southern Rise Hard Hitters embracing the sounds of late 90's and early 00's. New 7" Judgement is the best work they've done. I WALK THE STRAIGHT LINE.

Inherit - 7" release show!
New UK band featuring members of Pain Runs Deep, Cold Snap and The Break In. Hard riffs, thought provoking lyrics and sick grooves not to disimilar to the best of NYHC. Ep out soon on Reflection Records

Fast, furious hardcore ala Ripchord from London, featuring members past and present of Abolition, Hello Bastards and Never Again. Demo out on Painkiller Records so you know its the real deal.

Iron Curtain - 7" release show!
Weights and shit. London Straight Edge band with a sound that wouldnt be out of place on the Boston Nu Scene. No posers allowed.

Ten Speed Bicycle
ray cappo'n jazz youth."

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mexico - Tijuana 2

Mexico - Tijuana 1

"The scene is separated by genres, but people are trying to do something about it.

We have a new label called Bloodpact Records. They have a compilation called Here's Your Donkey Show and it has lots of bands from here.

Some new bands...

Radio Bastards (punk rock)

Abyssal (drone or ambient, something like that...)

Fractal (screamo with postrock)


Some others from here...

Calafia Puta

Days of Struggle


Injury I dont know if these guys still play but they were cool


Fuerza are a group of people that book hc shows.

Some people over here are doing something like a swap meet in a place called Tijuana Punk Rock Tianguis where people can buy things or trade stuff, like cds, records, shirts, patches and other shit.

There's one venue called the Black Box but the shows are a little bit expensive. You Revolution is an electronic bar that sometimes does hc shows.

Another venue is the Pueblito Bar

Audio Zombie is a dude that records bands."