Monday, 12 September 2016

KROD Records

KROD Records was created in March 2015 by Jordan Calvi (owner, label manager and tour booking manager). Loic Gauthey joined this record label as a graphic designer and helped time to time in booking bands. Jordan used to organise shows in Nevers through Boi!cott Asso with Loic from 2008 to 2011. 

Keine Rose ohne Dornen Records (german name) means No Rose Without a Thorn. The philosophy and how they work is summed up by the attitude that you have to work hard to get what you want even if you'll get some troubles, you have to carry on and never give it up. Jordan wants to make a music family more than a basic record label. Bands are chosen not only for their music, but also because they are human, anti racist, anti sexist, and there is a strong connection all the time. Speaking with band members at least every two weeks is important to see what to plan in the future. He also tries to work all the time with each of the bands and this makes this tiny record label stronger.

Jordan comments, 'In a record label, you produce bands you like, sometimes they are already your friends. I like pressing their vinyls and cds and see their hapiness when they get the final record in their hands. I like promoting their music on magazines and radios and get some good reviews, I like when people come at the shows or just send me message to tell me they like that band at KROD. I like this family attitude I created in this record label. I think this is my motivation to carry on working in it.'