Sunday, 23 November 2014

Belgium - Anarcho

Atomic Pollution is a one man anarcho punk band 100 % D.I.Y. so don't expect that polished, soul-sucked sound.

We're anti all authority, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, anti-xenophobia, anti-war... . Striving for a better world.
Power is poison, DESTROY POWER NOT PEOPLE !!!


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Anarchy&Peace !!!

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Romania - Bucharest 3

“Mediocracy broke up last year...they had been having some troubles for some time and around July decided it was over. Radu, the ex guitar player from Mediocracy, and 2 other friends started jamming and soon formed Killer Victim.

Killer Victim had their first show in February 2014. So far they have had had 7 gigs where they played some shows with local bands in Bucharest, opened for Comeback Kid, I Am A Curse and a big festival called Rockstadt Extreme Fest.

The next gig is next week in Bucharest opening for Negative Approach. In the following weeks they will start recording their first songs, which will be on split EP with Drop out Of Life. After that probably more gigs and hopefully a tour some time next year.

For the rest of the scene…you still can't say there is a real hardcore scene in Romania because people still seem to have different views about what that is supposed to be. But I guess some part of it is there because bands are really solid with each other and there are mostly the same people in all of the bands.
The problem is that most bands play variations of metalcore/post-hardcore, which means there isn't much variation...but some of them are still pretty good…at least for our scene.

Some bands from Bucharest worth checking out are:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (post-hardcore)

Breathelast (metalcore)

Cap de Craniu (death metal/deathcore)

Void Forger (doom/crust)

Crossbone (crossover/thrash metal)

Valerinne (post punk/post rock)

Roadkill Soda (stoner metal)

There are also some young bands that have just started playing.

Ropeburn (stoner metal/hardcore)

Take No More (hardcore), who are probably the youngest band we have in our scene, since its members are all under 18 years old.

This is the event for the concert with Negative Approach, Something for the Core. As you can see it's a 3 day fest where most of our local bands will perform.

Almost all of them are from Bucharest except for…

Deliver the God (Brasov/deathcore)

The Dignity Complex (Brasov/progressive metal)

Coins As Portraits (Brasov/grindcore/experimental).

We have a few clubs where we can book shows almost any time…the only problem is with the period of the year because it all revolves around holidays and summer is pretty much dead here, except for big shows of festivals...I guess it’s the same as everywhere.

Distroy Booking and has booked bands like Straight Opposition, Born For Slaughter, Left In Ruins, Pavilionul 32, Despite Everything, Insane etc. DB is hoping to get more crust/metallic hc/grind bands because most of the bands are metal core.

VZR Graphics does artwork from time to time for bands like Corrupt Moral Altar (UK), Macula (Brazil), H8 (Romania), Born For Slaughter (Macedonia), Pavilionul 32 (Romania) plus gig posters and other related stuff. Take care!”

Monday, 11 August 2014

UK - South Wales 4

This show at Fuel showed four local bands to update things a bit...





Fearless Management seem to be doing a great job across a range of styles too...

Also it's worth mentioning that Cardiff is probably the only city to have three venues that put on hardcore shows in one small street! There's also a 'fashion quarter'...

Clwb Ifor Bach

Full Moon