Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Russia 8

Russia 7
Russia - Samara 1


Greetings. I have looked at your blog and it tells a lot about the Russian scene. I can add that now in Russia it is popular to be a band that sounds like the 90s.

I live in a Samara. Here the scene is very very bad. Recently I got a group together with some friends and have written a DEMO.


Still there are some who have a very good command of new school...

Eden's Demise

Last Barricades



Sorry my English is very bad. I used an online translator.


Monday, 30 August 2010

Australia - Perth

There's actually a pretty big hardcore 'scene' in Perth. Here's some links to some perth bands, they are not all straight up hc though -


Artwork: Murdoch Stafford




The Craw

Death Grenade

Artwork: Rohan

Helta Skelta

Break Even

Miles Away


Friday, 20 August 2010

Croatia 4

Croatia 3

Hardcore music in Croatia currently sucks. But I can tell you that Croatia used to be a part of the country of Yugoslavia which had the best hardcore punk scene in the 1980s and 1990s! Yugoslavia consisted of 6 countries and of those were Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia - the countries that some of the greatest hardcore punk bands evolved from.

80s Yugoslavian punk was the best because there were a lot of awesome bands. Punk just came here to Yugoslavia and everyone wanted to be a part of it so ppl started forming bands, really good bands which everyone knew about. Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia - we were all so friendly and had a lot of gigs throughout whole Yugoslavia. This scene was sooo hyped and everything. We don't have this nowadays. So we can say that current scene is kinda on hiatus.

I'll write some bands for you. These are a few of the ex-yugoslavian hardcore punk bands:


Razlog Za


Vaseline Children

U.B.R. (Uporniki Bez Razloga)



Radikalna Promjena


Verbalni Delikt

Dead Ideas

Odpadki Civilizacije



Senata Fox

Nulla Osta

Make sure to check this blog out, has a lot of Yugoslavian hc punk mp3s.

Punk rock in Yugoslavia


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hungary 2

Hungary 1

Nowadays the hungarian scene is not so big, but there's a lot of great guys and girls everywhere in the country (commonly the countryside kids are better haha).

Basically Hungary is a shitty place, filled with narrow-minded, fascist, homophobic people and sadly some people in the hardcorepunk scene are acting the same, but that's uncharacteristic. I like the kids I know in the scene and yeah, we've got some fashion and transit face but I think it's the same problem everywhere in the world.

I think hardcorepunk is not all about the music and shows, it's about doin' important things and keeping things alive. There are more and more kids, who wanna be a part of a real community, but now we are just a few people. I think the scene is changing and we'll grow up to the challenge.

Mostly we have got little DIY shows and we are always looking for a great club in the downtown area, sometimes we get it, sometimes not, but we're always trying to work it out. There aren't a lot of bookings here, sometimes just simple guys setting up a show :)

The most important and trusty bookings are:

For The Kids Shows

Station 80

Kurva Anyád! Booking


Dzsukhell (they're first a record label, but sometimes they're setting up shows)

Artwork: Cickany

and the labels:

Violent Loser Tapes - my tape business, 2 releases for now

I Drink Milk is a 'zine and a tape label form the countryside. The fanzines are in hungarian and english too (just one issue I guess). Really-really cool label!

Honest For Truth Records - mostly nowadays hungarian hardcorepunk bands and re-releases from the 90's

Flipped Up Records - thrashcore stuff from all around the world

Teenage Riot - the one and only hardcorepunk shop in Budapest (and Hungary I guess) and a record label too

Kids Like Us Records - underground punkhardcore label with great hungarian bands

For Rent Records - a little DIY label, doin' very cool things, great guys

There's so many bands, and fortunately the others have wrote about them. Some extra underground bands you should listen to and they're still active:

Rivers Run Dry - d-beat in the vein of Tragedy

Wasted Struggle - modern hardcore

Icaros - neocrust, members of Semmi Komoly, Nesze and New Dead Project

Crippled Fox - thrashy hardcorepunk

Ninpulators - 80's hardcorepunk attitude in the vein of Zero Boys

Shortcut - youth crew hardcore

Step On It - all school monsters

Fuseism - 80's emotional hardcore a la Fugazi

Mind Your Step - fast punkhardcore/powerviolence from Csorna

Rákosi - raw punk about daily true stories from Mezőtúr

Dance Or Die! - fast and melodic punk

Young Arsenal - political punk

Think Again - hardcore from lake Balaton

Wormkids - surfpunk a la JFA

Graphic: Designerfish

Another Way - fastcore from Békés

I don't remember more all of a sudden...

And let's see the fanzines, blogs:

Harc Áldozatok Nélkül (Struggle Without Victims) - vegetarian 'zine only in hungarian

Honest For Truth Interview 'zine - oldschool and old hardcore interviews, stories in hungarian and there's english version of some issues too

Kids Like Us Records webzine - stories, interviews, etc. only in hungarian

Still Nothing Moves You - that's my blog, mostly show reports only in hungarian

Reaction is a hardcore fanzine written by a few local people and this is one of the high standard zines in Budapest/Hungary. They're just taking a break right now. I'm sorry but this also only in hungarian...

Sofa King - Viktor's blog, you can see his other blogs there about life, about punk.

and there are a lot of blogs about punkrock and daily life, mostly in hungarian only.

Cheers, Márton