Thursday, 30 September 2010

Activism - Food Not Bombs

Dear Food Not Bombs supporters,

I was driving to help cook and share food at the large rally in Washington DC when my engine exploded as I was driving past Oklahoma City. I also live in this van and have it packed with cooking equipment, solar oven, rice, beans, banners, folding table and literature for the Food Not Bombs tour. Getting my home back on the road is very important. My first lecture in at
American University on October 6th in Washington D.C.

Calls and emails seeking support an interest in Food Not Bombs are at an all time high. A homeless mother of three just called for help in starting a local Homes Not Jails squat. We also had emails this week about new groups starting in Hilversum, the Netherlands, Saint Petersburg, Florida and Ruston, Louisiana . A volunteer was arrested in early September in Minsk Belarus framed in the fire bombing of the Russian Embassy. Floods, droughts and speculation are driving up the cost of food and forcing millions into hunger. We are also facing the new "Food Safety and Modernization Act" written by the good people at Monsanto which will cause another increase in the cost of organic food. Before the van's engine exploded I was speaking and tabling at the Raw Spirit Festival. It was fantastic and we had lots of encouragement. Interest in the work of Food Not Bombs is growing.

We raise most of or funds by speaking at colleges. It has been difficult booking presentations at colleges and acquiring honorariums this fall. I just spoke with another student that said they were having a hard time raising even the minimum $500 for the presentation at their college when last year they provided several thousand to their speakers.

We have a number of very cool projects we are requiring funding including the printing of a short run of our new book "Cooking For Peace - Feeding the hungry and building a sustainable future with Food Not Bombs," a World
Food Not Bombs Gathering in Mexico, the completion of a documentary on Food Not Bombs and responding to the huge increase in requests for support for bulk dry goods.

We generally do not ask for financial support but the death of my engine and the inability of colleges to provide the usual honorariums has put us in an economic bind.

We know most people have very little money these days but if you are able to contribute more then the usual dollar we suggest please help.

Thanks so much.

Keith McHenry

Dollar For Peace
Cooking For Peace
The Nation

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India - Mumbai

Unfortunately, the hardcore punk scene in India doesn't exist (but pop punk does, uugh). I've started a band with a friend of mine (who belonged to one of india's biggest metal bands) and we're starting the hardcore punk scene here. India has always been about thrash and heavy metal and we're about to change that and it's kinda like territory that hasn't been explored before by indians so we're not sure if it's gonna work.

If you wanna hear one of our studio recorded songs, you can visit our new reverbnation page here.

India - Bangalore

I'm from might've heard about the city. We have all sorts of bands, but sadly no punk/hardcore. Metal has a prominent presence..all the "non-conformist" rebels, when they do form a band, tend to go towards metal. :P

Couple of years ago, I'd tried hard to find fellow punk listeners in the country, heavy into social networking sites, blogs, et al...but I could only come across a few of them. That was then. But seeing the lack of punk bands, I assume the situation hasn't improved a lot.

But you know...rock music (in general) is to an average Indian what punk is to the average American/British guy. Our culture being conservative, only a small percentage of youth (urban, mind you) actually follow rock. The scene's slowly growing though. More people are getting into non-mainstream music...and a lot more albums are being put out. :)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

US - Spokane, Washington

What's good about the hxc scene here is also sort of what's bad about the hxc scene here and that is that it's small. On the one hand it's good because everyone knows everyone and we're local bands get a lot of support because pretty much everyone in the scene is going to be fairly good friends with at least one member of any given band. On the other hand this also sort of sucks because the moment one person does something shitty, or even remotely shitty to someone, everyone else hears about it and a lot of high school drama bullshit will go on. Another problem with it is there are less people to be in bands, it's a bit of an exaggeration but I would say almost every hardcore band in the area from the last 3-4 years has been made up of permutations of the same 10 people. It's also harder to get bigger bands to come out here because even though we're the 2nd biggest city in WA, we're not on a lot of people's tour route. We do get great bands sometimes, but they are few and far between.

Right now most of the hxc bands in Spokane from the last few years are dead. Still functioning bands in our area that fit in the hxc category is pretty much just...

Losing Skin

Headhunter which features vocals by Marshall from The Warriors, but honestly they don't play a lot of shows.

Ex bands from the past few years include...


Wound Up

Short Circuit

Red Tape

I know I'm leaving stuff out but this is what I can remember. There is also a pretty sweet melodic hardcore band from the town Moses Lake which is a couple hours away, they're sort of in our scene by default since they practically are the scene in their town, they are called Centuries. Their recordings suck but for dudes still in high school they're pretty legit, and cool dudes.

We got a few blogs going on right now, I'll try to link as many as I can remember:

Cursed Verses - Alex Boston reviewing his vinyl.

Dead Horse - Alex Boston reviewing other albums and stuff.

Bone/sore - Jack Swanstrom reviewing power violence.

Kiah Sandwiches - My blog about the sandwiches I make, not hxc per se, but as you can read in my first post, sandwiches are the Punk Rock of foods.

There are a few venue's around here, the only one you need to know about is The Cretin Hop shitty website, but cool place.

Couple of promoters around the best of which are probably:

Mikhael Sindalu/Lame Shows
Alex Boston/Losing Skin
Ryan Levey/Monumental

Activism - Amsterdam/Nijmegen, Netherlands

We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are asking you to join us in our struggle against the squatting prohibition. We will have two demonstrations this week, on 1st October in Amsterdam and 2nd October in Nijmegen. This week mayor of Amsterdam said that in coming months 200 squats will be evicted in the city!!! If you can not come to the Netherlands please organize a protests or action in your place against the squatting prohibition that starts on 1st October 2010.

Demo in Amsterdam on 1st October
Demo in Nijmegen on 2nd October

Call out of "Spirit Of The Unity" Collective:

To all the people who are against squatting prohibition, to all the squatters, to all ex-squatters, to all young people who would like to become squatters in the future, to all the friends and supporters of the squatters, to all political activists, to all antifascist activists, to all artists who create art and/or perform in the squats, to all band members and DJ's that play in the squats, to all people who enjoy parties and concerts in the squats, to all travelers who visit and stay in the squats, to all of you who are not mentioned above.

As you probably might know dark days are coming for the squatting movement in the Netherlands. The Dutch parliament voted for a squatting prohibition. From 1st October 2010 squatting will be illegal in the Netherlands. It means that people who try to occupy an empty building, will be considered a criminal and will be punished by dutch authorities. Penalties are very high and range from one year up to two years and eight months of prison! Please remember this would not have happened without the support of racist and xenophobic politician Geert Wilders.

This is very serious threat! Don't let politicians destroy squatting movement in the Netherlands! We can't wait! We must act now! The future of the dutch squatting movement is in our hands. It is a big responsibility as well. We should show respect to those previous squatting generations who made squatting possible in the Netherlands. They sacrified a lot of time and energy for us. We should think about all the youth who would like to have the possibility to live in squats in the future. Mass media and politicians say that we are few, but our spirit is stronger then this rotten and unhumane law that politicians have created! We are willing to show politicians and police forces our determination in the defence of our rights for housing.

There is lack of cheap houses in the Netherlands. For example in Amsterdam price of renting one small room range from 300 till 550 euros a month! Mass media and politicians say that we are violent, but those christians from CDU (Christian Democratic Party), CU (Christian Union) and SGP (Orthodox Protestant Party) are violent. For them empty buildings are more important than human beings searching for a house. Those christians decided that police will come to arrest us, if we try to occupy a house after 1st October 2010. We are proud of who we are and we are willing to defend our rights to occupy empty buildings.
We won't give up without struggle! Some of you remember those proud and angry youth from Kopenhagen who were fighting for Ungdomshuset and dignity. Some of you probably have joined the struggle. If will be necessary, we are willing to bring the spirit of youth from Denmark and Greece to our streets! Politicians did not leave us another choice! From 1st October 2010 we have to choose between being homeless or criminals. This choice is not suitable for us! We won't live on the streets or in the prison! We are human beings and we deserve respect! We will fight for our dignity!

There is few hundreds squats in the Netherlands. We can't afford to lose this enormous infrastructure! There are houses, autonomous centers, places for cultural activities. In all those buildings we live and/or practice and promote our political ideas. We use that space to promote independent art and underground counter culture in opposition to mainstream pop culture and art. Let us be a bit sentimental. For many of us to be a squatter is way of life. A lot of us spent the best times living in the squats. We had unforgettable adventures together. We have plenty of invaluable experiences, like living in self-organized communities or housing collectives. Many of us met their best friends in the squats. Yet another reasons to struggle against the squatting prohibition. Don't ignore serious threats for squatting movement in the Netherlands! Use your imagination, open your eyes, stand up and act! Our struggle is for a world without capitalism, race and gender differences, poverty and war! We are going to be very thankful for all your support. Solidarity is our weapon!

"Spirit Of The Unity" Collective.

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Activism - Greece

One of the most important live events of the year takes place in Petroupoli, Theatro Petras this Sunday night.

7 well-known greek rock bands share the stage for one purpose; to gather money and show their solidarity to the anarchist prisoner Simos Seisidis, imprisoned after being caught and injured by the police. Being treated like the most dangerous terrorist of the planet, with police surveillance even inside the hospital room, Simos Seisidis suffered a severe injury in his leg after being shot by the police. Eventually, the doctors decided to cut his leg, an action that was seriously criticised by other doctors and people related to the prisoner. In fact, there is a serious doubt if the treatment that included cutting his leg was inevitable...

So, this Sunday, Deus Ex Machina, Dimitris Poulikakos & Seisaxtheia, Tzimis Panousis, Last Drive, 9MM, The Raindogs and BMW Rockers 57 team up for a benefit show that will start around 8 o'clock. The entrance is just 5 euros.

Show your support and solidarity.

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Russia 9

Russia 8

More interesting bands...

Skygrain RIP - positive hardcore scene concerned with drug free lifestyle and animal rights issues started in Russia with this band

Good2Go! (Rostov-na-Donu)

Cut'n'Run RIP (St. Petersburg)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Germany - Karlsruhe

I live in Germersheim. Guess you never heard about that before though. It's not too far away from Karlsruhe and Speyer. I can only speak for the scene in Karlsruhe though. It's still pretty much underground here.

We've got some pretty amazing bands here that represent the scene pretty well:



Man the Change


Sailing On


Some venues in Karlsruhe where every now and then there are some gigs of more or less known bands. Bane is going to play this month for example.

Die Stadtmitte


Besides that some good guys are doing their best to keep a small festival alive each year, the New Noise Festival in Durmersheim.

Comment - Never Again

I've just read that Never Again are splitting up and they plan to play just 4 more shows. I don't feel the need to write about most bands when they call it a day (BTW the last one was Have Heart) but sometimes you feel that the gap that a band leaves is significant.

Never Again has been a breath of fresh air to the UK scene with their immediate adrenaline-fuelled sound. Just like their songs they have been fast and furious, constantly gigging, recording/releasing and they have always had the confidence and commitment to take the straight edge message anywhere, anytime to anyone. They have done this with modesty deep respect for the hxc community when everyone was rightly lauding them as the most exciting band in the UK. Other bands IMO have stepped up now and I think this has been partly inspired by Never Again.

It's no good mourning the loss of another fine punk band though. Punk songs usually last for 2 minutes max. If they last longer we get repetition (and guitar solos). In the same way bands don't stay together long. But the message is clear. We've got to make the most of bands/gigs while they are here and as a hardcore/punk community we have to constantly renew and add new life, new ideas to our culture. Everyone who cares must play a part. We need producers not consumers.

Activism - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The law against squatting in the Netherlands goes in effect on October 1, so there will be actions going on in Amsterdam from Sept 25 - October 1st (and beyond). Any and all people concerned with housing issues and autonomous spaces are encouraged to come join us at this important time.

The squatting ban is not a threat - it’s an opportunity and a tool. …and we like tools.

As of the 1st of October, squatting will be illegal in the Netherlands. These are our last days of 'legal' squatting and the first days of our new lives as criminals. Unlike what's been claimed, the new law provides no solution for vacant houses but instead just gives more protection to house owners that love to speculate with their properties. In theory squatting, or simply being in a squatted house, can very soon lead to up to two years in prison.

It is time to revolt against the squatting ban and the State with its repressive politics against everything that is not mainstream and commercial. We will take to the streets - we will show them our anger and our strength. We need to make clear that this law will not scare us and stop us from squatting. With all our actions, with keeping up living the way we do let's show that we are not afraid of their laws and their bans. This time they should really expect resistance. The time for action is now!

From the 25th of September and onwards several actions will happen throughout Amsterdam.

The actions will start on the 25th of September with the Dam sleeping action. There we will show the general public all the things we do in squats: people's kitchens, give-away shops, music, dance and theatre performances, crusty punk bands and everything in between.

That day will be a kick-off for a week of different actions in the city. During the week three days full of activities, workshops and discussions will take place in a social center. There will be food and music, but besides that it is also an opportunity for everyone to get together and to think of different kinds of actions that can be taken against those behind the creation and implementation of the new law. Let's pick our targets and let them know we're pissed off!

On the 1st of October there will be a demonstration against the kraakverbod. Come to the Spui square in Amsterdam at 17:00!

These days are for us all, the variety of people that form the squatting movements of this and every other country. All different approaches and tactics should be used in the coming struggle. These days should be an inspiration for all the things to come. October is just the beginning.

Get involved! Come from near or far!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Activism -Biologica

BIOLOGICA is a collective, whose activity revolves around the autonomous (squatted) space in the department of biology, in the University campus, in Thessaloniki. As a collective, based on common beliefs around a D.I.Y. ideology, we engage upon concerts and relevant to the D.I.Y. music scene activities, in order to express our opposition to the commercialisation of music and creativity in general. We regard music as a communication tool, to share common beliefs and feelings and therefore we stand against all profit making forms of music industry and stereotyped entertainment.

What BIOLOGICA tries to do (and has been doing for almost 18 years), is to raise consciousness against the "star system" society and deconstruct the idea of the "show", the audience and the producer. We aim at creating an interactive enviroment during concerts, where people can freely participate, with no constrains. That's why we find it important for everyone to understand that, concert organising has expenses and that we ask for the minimum compensation (2 euro-non obligatory entry fee), in order to cover the concert and maintenance expenses, as well as the traveling fees for the bands from abroad. Last but not least, BIOLOGICA, aims through its activity, to contribute to the formation of the local D.I.Y music identity and initiate co-operation towards a common goal.

On Tuesdays, at Biologica squat, we hold a bar, which features film and documentary screenings, music nights and plenty of booze! Through this bar we are trying to propound an alternative way of entertainment, which is not based on profit making. Through this bar we try to initiate closer contact between people, that share a common interest in the D.I.Y. culture, and exchange perspectives around the subject.

Contact Biologica at:

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Croatia 5

Croatia 4

I can tell you that Croatia had a great hardcore scene. We had great bands...

Građani Drugog Reda

Fight Back

Zelena Radost

Verbalni Delikt

Razlog Za


...and many others.

Now we have also great bands like...

Motus Vita Est

Ljubisa Samardzic (it's more crust)

Youth Against

Deafness By Noise


Nulla Osta



Carl Hunter



...and others. Most of them are older bands.

Younger bands don't play hc much, they play punk rock.

I have a band. We have been together since 2008. I am the youngest band member, I'm 16, the oldest is 18. We play hardcore. Soon we will make a demo!


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Germany - Nordrhein Westfalen

I live in Wegberg near the border. It's a city with 30000 people but it has, dunno why, a pretty big scene , or had...

There are:

Against Your Society (AYS)

The Lust for Life

Sniffing Glue


Revolver Facelift

Some people doing shows:

Trusty Chord shows

Do YOU care?

Online zines:

All Schools Network


Poison Free

There is vegan food at shows in Germany often (many people are vegetarian/vegan and/or sXe)
Check out Vegan Fastfood Crew.

I like shows in small clubs or autonomic-centers. Most people are cool but I can't stand that toughguy attitude.

Support your local scene!

Let's Fight White Pride!