Saturday, 31 December 2011

Netherlands 5

Netherlands 4

"I live right in between Amsterdam and Utrecht so pretty much the centre of the country.

Some recent Dutch bands that are worth checking out:


This Routine is Hell

Striking Justice
Live clip

The Charm The Fury

Happy New Year!"

Friday, 30 December 2011

Festival - Outbreak 2012


Chicago Citys hardest. Isolation out now.

CCHC Moshy Down Tempo hardcore on Purgatory records.

First time over in the UK. Heavy as fuck hardcore all the way from Wilkes-Barre USA on Triple B Records. Mosh.

Europe's Hardest on 6131 Records!

Heavy Irish Hardcore all the way from Dublin.

MHC's Finest. The Seeker out now.

South Coast Straight Edge. JUDGEMENT 7" out now on Purgatory Records.

Evil South Saxon Straight Edge on CTW Records.

GUILTY (Europe)
Euro crossover hardcore. Think Cro-Mags.

Back once again with the ill behaviour.
LOC Style jams all the way from Dublin. Mosh on the stage.

New MHC. Sounds like Righteous Jams and The Wrong Side. Demo out Now!

Latest SRH band featuring Ex members of Cold Snap and xNever Againx,
Think No Warning. Tombstone demo cassette out now on Hemlock 13.

London Straight Edge featuring members of Breaking Point and Abolition.

90's inspired NYC hardcore in the vain of Crown of Thornz from Notts.

HDHC frshest export. 90's Style jams with added youth crew vibes.
Expect a Rampage Cover.

UKHC On Top."

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Belarus - Minsk 6

Belarus - Minsk 5

“The scene in Minsk is not standing still. Everything changes and evolves.

This year I want to celebrate the appearance of the magazine “Tothiscity”. It pleases us with good news, interesting interviews, etc.

The scene itself supports the emergence of new bands and releases. My friend and I have created a promotional group Black Diamonds Promo.

Where possible we bring the hardcore teams from other nations and, although there were only 2 concerts with foreign teams, we're not going to dwell on this and it will develop.

Hard Stance, the group in which I play, has grown pretty well this year. We were able to travel to Russia and around Belarus.

Live in Minsk
As a whole it is good but there is room for improvement…”

Activism - Punk 4 the Homeless

"Punk 4 the Homeless started in Jan 2010 aiming to present quality punk rock, raise money for homeless charities and introduce youngsters to the scene. Much like Gillman Street it is all ages, unlike Gillman Street it is in a Church. It is hoped it will be a respectful family friendly environment (where Charlie Harper could bring his grandkids).Traditionally punk and church haven't got on. Yet both are minorities who believe in openess, cooperation, equality, are anti racist sexist etc and care about all sentinent beings.

Possibilities are endless, especially with Alternative Tenticles signing Knights of the New Crusade and Lars Fredrickson calling Johnny Cash the first punk.The promoter for these events has been part of the punk scene for over 30 years (old git)... Proceeds from each gig goes to Casa Alianza/street children."

Activism - Mixtapes for Aceh

"We read the news about punks being apprehended and detained in the Aceh region of Indonesia recently, and like many of you, were extremely disturbed at the thought of the police sweeping these kids off the street, shaving their hair, and forcing them into some sort of bullshit military training to deprogram them. We are privileged to live in a society where we are free to express ourselves as we wish, and while the US and other Western states have their fair share of police injustice, this incident is a harsh reminder to how good we really have it. That is why we are starting a small initiative in solidarity with our friends overseas, to let them know that we stand behind them and fully support them.

The mixtape is a crucial part of our subculture, and is solely responsible for the spread of punk influence worldwide. Mixtapes have introduced myself and many others to so many amazing bands, and the act of making them is one of the most sincere forms of friendship that exist in our world. So, we are asking our friends, our community, and anyone else who remotely gives a shit to make and donate one mixtape cassette to the kids in Aceh who were forced into detention solely for being punk. It’s a small gesture, but it means a lot to people who need our support. The content entirely of their choosing as long as it’s somewhat falling in the punk/hardcore/crust genre. If you have an awesome tape you never listen to anymore, or would like to make a new one specifically for this endeavor, that would absolutely rule. We are collecting these tapes to send out in early January, so your deadline to submit is December 30th, 2011. We know that the post office is fucked right now with holiday shipping, but right after xmas it frees up largely, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Please try and pack as much music onto these tapes as possible, and try to avoid sending a short 10-min long demo cassette. This is an out-of pocket initiative for me (Rob) personally, and I’d like to make what we send as substantial as possible. And include your address in the tape, you might just make an international buddy out of the process!

***NOTE: Please do not send t-shirts, CD’s in Jewel Cases, vinyl, or anything else outside of a mixtape or a burned CDR in an envelope. We need all submissions to be media so we qualify for the right shipping. If you do send shirts or anything else we can’t use we will donate them elsewhere. We only have the bandwidth to deal with qualifying media. Thanks!***

You can send your mixtapes to our label address:

Aborted Society Records
attn: Mixtapes for Aceh
1122 E. Pike Street #1377
Seattle, WA 98122-3934

We are currently investigating the best way to get these over there safely, so if you have any specific ideas please email us and let us know. Thanks for listening, we really encourage your participation, and hope that something like this can never happen again.

Stay strong, stay fucking punk.

xoxo ABSOC"


Sign a petition

You can contact the Indonesian Embassy to complain about the unfair treatment of punks in their country:

Indonesian Embassy
38 Grosvenor Square
London W1K 2HW

Tel. (020) 7499 7661
Fax. (020)7491 4993



UKHCmorethanmusic is a band and gig directory that will help me (and others hopefully) to connect with activities here in the UK.

Its aim is to help the DIY scene by creating a central place for communication so that news can be spread and gigs organised as efficiently as possible.

If you want your gig or band to be added or if bands have split then email:

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Festival - Ieper Winterfest 4

"Ieperfest is an independent Hardcore festival taking place in the Flemish city Ieper. Not only is it the longest running European outdoor underground festival, but it is also an established name across the world. The festival offers a stage to an international variety of underground groups, without the help of major budgets or sponsors. This helps us safeguard our true D.I.Y spirit, and allows us to attract a wide variety of bands, concentrating on what keeps us together rather than what separates us.

Ieperfest is organised by 2 Belgian, not-for-profit D.I.Y. collectives sharing the same geographical & ideological roots: Republyk Vort’n Vis & Genet Records. They represent over 18 years of experience of organising & promoting underground events. By joining hands, they manage to make the mother of all European underground hardcore festivals the big success it has always been. Profits are split up between both collectives who re-invest it in their future projects.

"Deafheaven (USA) // A dizzying hybrid of shoegaze shimmer, hardcore punk passion, emo vulnerability and black metal intensity. Based in San Francisco, signed to Deathwish Inc.

Doom (UK) // Legendary punk/hardcore/crust act formed way back in 1987. Originating in Birmingham, England, they were pivotal for the rise of crust and punk. After several splits (due to reasons of all nature) and just as many reformations, Doom is now back as strong as ever before.

Hierophant (IT) // A ferocious crust/punk metal band based in the north of Italy. They played their first show near the end of 2009, and have played over 100 shows since then.

Integrity (BE/USA) // Legendary Clevo hardcore act. This band has been around since 1988 already. No introduction needed. Go hard or go home!

xKingdomx (USA) // Philadelphia’s hardest yet most loveable vegan straight-edge hardcore act is back in Ieper after their memorable performance on Ieperfest 2009.

No Turning Back (NL) // In this day and age where hardcore bands come and go with the speed of light No Turning Back are holding true to what they originally set out to do and they’re not planning on giving up, ever.

Rot in Hell (UK) // Hard as nails UK hardcore act with a hint of belgian hardcore history, as they were recently joined by Hans Verbeke of Liar fame on vocals. Signed to Deathwish Inc.

Vanna (USA) // Yet another high quality act hailing for the city of Boston, Massachusetts! Vanna only recently visited Europe as opener on the Never Say Die Tour, attracting large numbers all over!

xViciousx (BE) // Young and upcoming straight-edge West-Flemish beatdown pounders. They earned their spot on the bill by being energetic, working hard and playing shitloads of shows over the past year.

Wrong Answer (USA) // Philadelphia based hardcore act, playing music somewhat reminiscent of “System Overload” era Integrity."

Belgium 5

Belgium 4

“I haven't been that many hardcore shows in the past year and I have to admit I haven't seen that many great new bands.

Hessian perhaps, but I wasn't fully convinced. Nice try anyway...

The few good belgian bands I've seen were:

Moroccan - the only "new" band who made an impression.


Blind To Faith

I only have one show planned and that is Ieper Winterfest; I've never seen Integrity and I'm really looking forward to it.”

Blog - heart-a-tact, Hungary

"I started heart-a-tact because I love the hungarian punk/hardcore scene and I wanted (and still want) to share cool music. No, I don't steal records from my scene. These albums are available to download from the bands as well."

Monday, 26 December 2011

Ireland - Dublin

“Irish scene is doing great....although right at the moment it’s a little slow as one of the promoters is in the UK for a bit with college. Gigs these days are generally in…

Bruisers in Thomas House


Demented Promotions

The Pint


Lower Deck (for the more crusty stuff!)

You can check some of the Irish HC bands…


20 Bulls Each


Dublin HC bands

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sampler - Holy Hell, UK

Holy Roar Records

Available here

New, exclusive tracks as well as a bunch of stuff from this years releases so far.

Tracklisting -

Rosa Valle – Mathemagician (North East)

Slabdragger - Erroneous Maximus (South East)

Witch Cult – Burn (South Coast)

The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks

Self Loathing – Cut (East)

Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools of Us (South Wales)

Rolo Tomassi - ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke (Sheffield)

Antares - to youth and valour (Yorkshire)

Pariso - The Recluse (London)

Kerouac – Fiends (South)

Make Do And Mend - Night's The Only Time of Day

Grazes - Observers Paradox (Sheffield)

Jackals - Mob Mentality (East)

End Reign – Abyss (North East)

Eisberg - Salt In The Wound

Brutality Will Prevail - Heavy Eyes (South Wales)

Daggers – Axes (Brussels, Belgium)

Brontide – Jura

Gallops – Eukodol (North Wales)

Hang The Bastard - The Great Devourer (London)

Abolition – Shadow (London)

Cthulhu Youth - Free Music For Poor Punx (London)