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DIY - GlugaNeagra Distro

" Without Any Further Notice or some fancy words that mean shit we bring you straight from the hood GlugaNeagra aka Black Hood Society Music Distribution web store. We've got tapes, CDs, vinyl and more things to come. All orders and other information can be put at this address: ...and remember:

I am here to say what I feel and what I think / To stay next to those that fight and resist / The ones that daily are hitting and exploiting us / I don't want money, and I don't look for fame / I won't save your life – this is your job / My tape, will not liberate you / I didn't come here to save you / And I hope you will understand this / You and I both… we have a black hood! /

(lyrics by Pavilionul 32 song: Black Hood)"

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Netherlands 4

Netherlands 3

“I'm from Eindhoven, a rather big city (in Dutch terms) in the south of the Netherlands. The hardcore scene around these parts is quite active in my opinion. With a bit of traveling I'm able to visit one or two shows almost every week, so in the Netherlands we have nothing to complain about. The style of hardcore I like is simple, old-school hardcore. At first I'll show you my favourite bands from my province, North-Brabant, and then a couple of good bands from other parts of the Netherlands.


No Turning Back
Of course worldwide known band No Turning Back are the leaders of the pack in this area. After almost fifteen years of playing their music all over the world, I don't think I need to say more about them.

State Of Mind
My personal favourite. State Of Mind plays their very own, groovy, style of hardcore influenced by old American bands since 2005. You either love their style or you don't. They have released a few records, and a new one titled “Knowledge Of Self” is coming.

Reaching Forward
Reaching Forward was a straight edge hardcore band that lived from 1997 to 2002. Unfortunately I have never seen this band live because I was still very young when they quit, so my love for their music is only based on the records they released.

This is a more punk-influenced hardcore band from my hometown that's already been around for a long time. I've seen them numerous times, at small venues and at bigger stages, and every show is funny, intimate and full of energy. Tech-9 has put out quite a lot of records, and every single one of them is great. Everyone here knows some of their old songs like “Survival” and “We Will Remember You” which are still played at every show. You have to see this band live to understand!

Human Demise
A powerful hardcore/metal band formed in 2004. Their first full-length came in 2009 and the second one is coming this year. Human Demise has already supported many big hardcore and metal bands.

The Butcher
The Butcher is a band from a small town that plays very fast and aggressive hardcore, often with funny lyrics about barbecues in the neighbourhood, meat, beer and of course their classic song about Gilles De La Tourette. The Butcher about their fifth album “Bad Blood”: “This piece of premiem punk rock sounds like a shitload of raw flesh hitting the deepfrying pan while standing between two freight trains passing by”. Eleven songs in nineteen minutes!

After Violation Of Trust, one of the Netherlands' first hardcore bands, had quit, some of the members wanted to start a new band. This is how Payback was formed in 2000. Payback played fast, old-school hardcore with very cool, recognizable vocals. It's a shame that the band decided to quit about a year ago.

State My Case
Another very fast-playing band is State My Case from Tilburg. Their songs are rarely longer than one minute and twenty seconds. Some members of this band have been in the Boerenkool Meej Worst Band (The Kale With Sausage Band in English), a sort of partyband that mainly revolves around drinking beer, eating Dutch food, making jokes and funny Dutch lyrics. State My Case resembles this band in terms of music, but the lyrics are in English and more serious. Both bands didn't and don't hit the stage very often, and the Boerenkool Meej Worst Band played their final show at the end of 2010.

And last and, for now I hope, also least: Fatal Distraction.
This is my own band. We've just started this thing, but we try to make original, old-school hardcore. New recordings with better quality will become available very soon, and I hope that we will play our first shows soon too.

But of course not all good Dutch bands come from Brabant:

From the southernmost point of the Netherlands, Maastricht, comes Backfire!. I guess they are our best-known hardcore band after No Turning Back. After their first full-length Backfire! went on a European tour with legends Warzone. Numerous years, and records, later, Backfire! broke up a couple of years ago. But they are already back together and even the release of a brand new record has been announced!

New Morality
This band from Arnhem has become well-known due to relentless touring and a very good CD called “Fear Of Nothing”. Currently they are at the end of a full-US tour and their new full-length “No Morality” is scheduled for the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012.

Strike First
Another great band from Arnhem. Strike First lived from 2003 to the beginning of 2011. I saw their final show, where also ex-members participated in a few songs, and it was a total chaos. Their last record “Gospels For The Deceived” received very positive comments, and I'm waiting for a reunion show!

Show Of Force
Show Of Force is a New York-styled band from Utrecht. They started out in 2007, and not that much later their first record was finished. A self-titled disk containing seven songs. I've seen this guys a couple of times now, and for me this is one of the best uprising bands in the Netherlands at the moment.

Another great band from the northern parts of the country. Solid music and in my opinion maybe the best vocalist in the Netherlands, who knows how to interact with the crowd in a funny way. All of their records are good, but a Cornered live show is insane! You definitely have to see this band.

Angry Old Wankers
Fast, old-school hardcore from Rotterdam by guys who have all been in different bands before. They know how to do it. I've only seen them live one time, so I can't tell you much about this band, but the show was sick. I immediately bought their only CD so far, “Bruised, Broken, Breathless”, and it souds exactly the same as at the live show, raw and good!

Striking Justice
This is a very young band from Hengelo, in the north-east of the Netherlands, and they're growing fast. Their new CD called “Building” was just released, so check the guys out and support them!

Apologies to the bands I may have forgotten!

Something about the venues:

Of course I can't write something about all the venues in the Netherlands, so I'll limit myself to my own city Eindhoven, and Tilburg that's very close. For the small shows we have The Rambler and Kafee Aloys in Eindhoven. Aloys is a bit more hardcore- and punk-orientated, while in The Rambler much more shows take places with a bigger variation in genres. The number of hardcore shows in The Rambler is growing. In Tilburg you have Little Devil for the smaller concerts.

Then, for the bigger shows, you have Dynamo in Eindhoven. Dynamo has his own voluntary hardcore and punk session, which takes responsibility for all shows of this genre. In Tilburg there's 013, a big pop-centre where very many concerts are held. Most of the concerts are from big artists, but sometimes there's a cool hardcore show in the small hall.”

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Activism - Street Punk 2011, Helsinki

“Street Punk 2011 is starting at the statue of Aleksis Kivi 13 on 08/13/2011.

Free space will be reduced with a firm hand, social centres systematically evicted. You want to change places with just the traditional 'good citizens' standard? You should meet the people who are free to spend their time. Streets are filled with the richest, with their adverts and where are the places to spend time in peace and not spend money? Cars have taken over space from people without asking permission. We refuse to be invisible to spectators. We will take our place in society.

Punk - our way of life in every moment, not just in the music. It is a culture which makes things themselves and learns new things, without anyone else's demands. It is a language, culture, music, clothes, values, everything, without money, or decision-makers.

That is why we are here, as free individuals, for ourselves. Partake, let us sing, dance, call, let us be free today, because the future is now.

The previous evening, 12.8 Punx Picnic in the park at Dallapén. 17 - Safkaa, cotton candy, Shoot Asshole-competition, and other goodies in the program.”

Reblogged from Psee Psee, online-translated and slightly rewritten...

DIY - Warzone Collective, Belfast, N. Ireland

"Warzone Collective began in 1984 when a few local musicians decided to pool their efforts, seize the time and get their own venue, practice rooms and social space. By 1986 the Collective opened its first premises in Belfast which provided a vegetarian cafe/drop in centre (Giros), practice and office space, venue and screen printing workshop. It developed organically along DiY lines and soon became a focal point for anarchists, punks, radicals, bohemians and other n’er-do-wells. In 1991 the Collective moved to a larger and more ambitious venue. Over the years thousands of people passed through the doors and were exposed to new ideas such as anarchism and DiY politics and the Centre became the counter-cultural hub for the greater Belfast area and beyond. Towards the end of 2003 the Centre closed for a number of different reasons but it left a gap in radical Belfast culture. In 2007 discussions began and eventually in 2009 the Collective has reformed and is going through the process of trying to establish a new venue.

Warzine is a DiY newsheet produced by the Warzone Collective periodically since the mid-1980′s. The newsheet is free and uncensored and offers news of what the collective are up to, reports on local struggle and international issues as well as personal opinion. Articles, rants and opinions as well as graphics are always welcome. Send contributions to and mark the subject box ‘warzine’.

Annual festivities were recently resumed this year and hopefully Warzone Fest will be an ongoing event in the future. Warzone Gig Collective is now putting on regular gigs. To get in touch contact or visit the fb page."

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Belarus - Minsk 5

Belarus - Minsk 4

"I’m from Minsk and I saw you already have information about punk scene from this part of Belarus, so I just can complete something.

At first, some words about fastcore/crust band Lamant (RIP). They were one of the hugest and most influential bands in Minsk in the first part of 2000s.

The reasons are that the members made some zines like Xerotika and Don’t Panic! with a lot of information from over the world. One of members created No Manipulation label.

Lamant’s records:

Pizdets LP (2003)

Snejinka LP (2005) + Split with I Object.

Some new bands with garage sound influence. Check them:

Dead Queens are a young band from Minsk playing powerful garage-punk-rock’n’roll:
Blow Up The World single (2011), Dead Queens EP (2011)

Hey, Brother! - garage punk from Minsk.

Records: Hey, EP! (2011)

CBiHCiTY - oldschool harcore punk from Minsk. I call them “belarusian Suicide Machines”)

Skacore Killers (2010)

6+3 EP (2011)

Rise and Shine (RIP) - 5-piece band from Minsk, Belarus playing some mix of postrock, postmetal and hardcore, but with a rebel punk idea and sound. One of the main principles of their creative work is the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita. One of the best, for me.

Records: Rise and Shine EP (2008)

The scene gets bigger and bigger...

Jurgenklinsman (hardcore punk) was a first band from Soligorsk (130 km near Minsk) I ever heard."

Jurgenklinsman - Demo EP (2011)

(More info reblogged from Ungovernable Resistance)

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Germany - Upper Bavaria

“I live in Traunstein. I guess you never heard of it, right? Traunstein is in the south-eastern corner of Bavary/Germany. It's almost in Austria, Salzburg is just an half hour drive away.

In Traunstein there is no real scene, just a few cool Deathcore-Kids, nothing worth mentioning. You have to search around a little bit to find some people with the same interests but that's worth it. We have some different smaller scenes around here.

One example are the people from Obing, Hart, Garching etc. They are more into the old school type of hardcore, like Death Before Dishonor and such stuff. Friends and family, a little bit of tough guy attitude and so on. There are some really nice guys with them but I don't really like this scene.

The one I'm most comfortable with are the guys from Berchtesgaden. Berchtesgaden is a small city in the mountains, a typical tourist place, but it has a really good hardcore scene. The people here are more open-minded about all different types of hardcore. A lot of people are going to shows there and we get some pretty big bands.

There's one venue where almost every show is held, the Kuckucksnest. It's really small, around 120 people can get in there, but it's just awesome. Every show in there is more personal and has a better atmosphere like in big venues. The booking is done by some locals and recently the younger ones founded a new booking agency because there aren't that many shows anymore and we want to change that.

There are a few bands from Berchtesgaden which are really good. Both of these bands are trying to get some tours going and getting recognized more, so if you seem them on a flyer you should check them out ;)…

Wasted Words

Endless Shore

If you want to see some of the other tours you'll have to drive to the Rockhouse in Salzburg, where some really nice shows are made by United People Booking. But Salzburg isn't always a destination for bands, so you'll have to drive about 1 1/2 hours to Munich, the capitol of Bavaria.

The best shows there are in the Feierwerk. It's a complex with four different venues for shows, from a small cellar to a big hall.

There aren't any zines or labels in this area. The bands are doing their stuff DIY or order it from companies that are based somewhere else.

Sadly there are no people who are writing zines or webzines around here, besides me. I'm writing for StandUp Webzine, which I run with a friend from Stuttgart (and a friend of his).”

Chile 4

Chile 3

"In my country, these days, Amendment Records is a great label with great bands.

The latest releases that I recommend to you, are:

Contra Todos Mis Miedos - "Colera" 7" (Amendment Records)

Martir - "Memorial" - CD (Heretic Recods/ Vegan Records)

La Miseria De Tu Rostro - "Savia" - 12" LP (Inhumano Records) mediafire

Remission - "Winds of Promise" 7" (Amendment Records) mediafire

Across The Line - "Advance 2011" mediafire

En mi Defensa - "Silencios" 12" LP coming soon

For more information of Santiago (more bands, label, etc)"

Ukraine 7

Ukraine 6

“Here are a few bands from Ukraine:

Memorials (melodic hc)

Страшней и дороже


Still (youth crew hc):

Defy You

Hell Fm (melodic hc)

Woundead (hc punk\metal)

New s/t EP

Time of Defeats (Hardcore\Metalcore)

Power Play (Hardcore)”

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