Sunday, 31 July 2011

Belarus - Minsk 4

Belarus - Minsk 3

“The scene in Minsk has been developing very rapidly. This year there are many different bands.

Most recently...

One Hope (punk hardcore)

Come To Get Her (punk rock)

Ice Grillz (hardcore punk, hardstyle)

But what prevents the development is the political regime in our country:

July 2 Guys from band Still (half of Clearsight) weren't allowed to cross the border of Belarus. They were treated as "potential terrorists" to cause riots on the streets of Minsk.

July 20 Police broke up a concert bands: Reka (Russia), Face Forward, Ice Grillz, etc.

Fuck Europe's last dictatorship! Fuck Lukashenko!”

Brazil - Sao Paulo 5 (Part 1)

Brazil - Sao Paulo 4

"I’m from the countryside of São Paulo, 100km north of the capital. And like many other movements, São Paulo is the biggest scene down here, in hardcore and arts in general. One of the main motives is that São Paulo is more industrialized and urbanized than other states from Brazil, different than that common image of my country with samba, beaches and things like that.

The beginning of hardcore in Brazil was when it really separated from punk and mixed with the beginning of the straight edge scene in South America. Of course we had some punk bands that were beginning the crossover to a more aggressive sound, like Ratos de Porão in the 80’s. But the real hardcore bands from the start began to rise alongside straight edge in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

One of the icons of the vegan straight edge hardcore in Brazil (1996-2006) was Point of No Return, not just for the music, but this band shook the scene with a more metallic approach. One of the vocalists (they have three) is the owner of Liberation Records, one of the most important labels from Brazil, not just for releasing CDs, but also for bringing some bands from US and Europe down here.

Other labels from Brazil are:


Seven Eight Life

Caustic Recordings

As you can see, they’re all straight edge oriented but have released “normal” bands as well.

All these gigs took place in São Paulo and all three labels are from the same state. São Paulo was the most representative city/state of hardcore. Not just the capital, but in relation to some another city’s like Piracicaba (in the countryside) and Santos (by the shore).

On the current scene in São Paulo, we’re living better at the moment rather than in the earlier ’00. Back then there was a really divided and violent scene, especially between 2005 and 2007, with rival crews and stupid fights between sxe and non-sxe. But now we are more united, because the scene is small, it’s like a survival thing.

Some bands from Brazilian hardcore scene…

90’s and early 00’s:





Garage Fuzz

No Violence - one of the first straight edge bands, back in ‘89"

Friday, 29 July 2011

Ukraine 6

Ukraine 5

"Some new releases...

- fantastic release from Bluesbreaker (hardcore)

(Bandcamps for latest releases of the bands at the release show)



Set Adrift

- some new material from Woundead (hardcore/punk/metal)

- very nice nyhc band Double Trouble
click to download

Peru 3

Peru 2
Peru - Lima 2 (Part 2)

“Just a few days ago my band Reflections finished recording our first demo. I’m proud to tell you about it. Here is our band camp so you can check out how we are doing.

I’m also glad about what’s going on right now. Alhambre, one of the most important bands here have just released a video for their song ¨Hasta Morir¨ (Until Death). The video was recorded at Keko Bar, this one bar that has become the main spot where hardcore shows take place.

Furthermore, Fast Kids Records, our main record label has just released a 12¨ vinyl for an argentinian band called Mil Caras. This is very important because it’s the first time any argentinian band has some material released by a peruvian record label.

On a further note, tomorrow I’m leaving for Cajamarca, a city an hour from Lima (by airplane) to play at a hardcore show organized by locals. I’m playing not with Reflections but with Circulo Eterno (Eternal Circle), my other band. Circulo Eterno is a 90s band, heavily influenced by Unbroken, Mean Season, Shield, etc. Dark lyrics, slow tempos, everything a 90s band had at the time. We are playing with local bands such as Nueva Direccion (New Direction) and others at a house.

Cajamarca has a small growing scene in the last 4 years. Lima bands are reaching Cajamarca in order to play and vice versa so in a sense, the peruvian hardcore scene is getting closer and bigger.

Also, Circulo Eterno is releasing an EP.

Now, this past Saturday, there was going to be a reunion show for one of the first hardcore bands here in Peru called Narcosis.

As a matter of fact its not strictly a hardcore band, but it was one of the first underground bands here in Peru back in 80s. They were one of the first ones that spoke about the political context of Peru back in the 80s. Later on came G3.

However, the show was cancelled because the police entered into the venue and you can imagine, things got hectic. Don’t worry, it wasn’t because the 80s were back and there was political oppression, the thing was that also, that place was used for hookers and drug addicts so the police were ordered by the districts mayor to close that place haha. The show was rescheduled to mid August.

Today is Peru’s independence day so everyone is happy right now. Our football team did great on the America’s Cup so everyone is full of joy.”

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Zine - Rebuild 2

"The second issue of Rebuild is done. Interviews with: Greg Bennick, Anthony Pappalardo, Death Is Not Glamorous, Light Bearer, Rearranged, Aaron Edge, My Turn, Dario (Youth Crew Records), xTRUE NATUREx, Wasted Youth, Hobson's Choice, Ljuba (HA-KO Bastards)... 98 pages, photo reports, reviews and other stuff.

Order one:

We made some changes comparing to the first issue. Putting out a zine in black color and with 7" record sleeve format turned out to be pretty complicated in the end, both financially and practically (although it did look awesome!)... We didn't hope to release the second issue after only a couple of months, but here it is... And don't get used to it, we won't be making issues every couple of months in the future, this one will stick around for some time... The content is enriched with some columns about Novi Sad hardcore scene and Rebuild Collective, activism, veganism and other topics and other new thing are photo reports with amazing photos from hardcore shows in Novi Sad in last couple of months. Also, there are many more reviews as some of you requested."

Finland - North

“The hardcore scene here in cold, cold north is most active in towns like Kajaani, Rovaniemi and Oulu. Also there's small but really active grindcore scene in Tornio. Most punkgigs are held in Oulu and the biggest and most important event for punks in northern Finland is Hässäkkäpäivät festival.”

Notable bands that come from north:

Terveet Kädet

Yhteiskunnan Ystävät?


Valium Kiharat

The Carnival



(It really seems that nowadays traditional hardcore scene is bigger and better than ever. There has been really nice uprising of new bands and old farts are reforming their old ones :D.

Also it seems that there is at least one RTS every year and a lot of festivals are held in southern Finland:

Puntala Rock

Musta Pispala

Helsinki Punk Fest...

So yeah, the finnish punk scene lives.")

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Brazil - Sao Paulo 4

Brazil - Sao Paulo 3

“I’d like to mention two bands…

Fetus Humanóides

Infecção Raivosa

See ya!”

Indonesia - Yogyakarta

“In my town there are a variety of bands but I do not think there is enough happening here.

There are many good bands here, and some hc bands that I like…

Strength to Strength

Stronger Than Before

Same Direction RIP

Stronghold RIP

Same Direction RIP

Wicked Suffer

Killed On Juarez

Mortal Combat

In Yogyakarta there are also a lot of DIY labels…


Relamati Records


Here there are generally rented venues in cafe, halls and other buildings. Many venues have closed because the contract is up. This means there are fewer and fewer venues.”

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Festival - Allston DIY Fest, Massachusetts

"Allston DIY Fest is a free, all-ages, sober festival celebrating DIY culture, freedom of individual expression, community building and alternative education, using a gift economy rather than money and oppressive consumerism.

Featuring a bike generator powered stage for electric music, an acoustic hangout stage, two streams for workshops/skillshares, a really, REALLY free market, amazing local organizations, artists, artisans, zines, records, performance art and MORE!!!

The event has been organized non-hierarchically and is open to all individuals to participate and express themselves. We encourage folks to bring their art, non-powered instruments, hoops and other toys to the park!!

Please respect the park and respect all the people in it, helping us create a safer space by keeping oppressive language and behavior away. Racism, sexism, agism, classism, sizeism, ableism, transphobia and homophobia are uncool and unwelcome!!!"

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hungary 4

Hungary 3

"We just had a kickass music festival this weekend - unfortunately it gets a bit worse every year :-/ Maybe punk is dying ? A few years ago it was a kickass camping outdoor festival, now it was just held in one of the "cool" capital city clubs - not too punk.

Quite a lot of cool bands ceased to be in the last few years so it is not that cool anymore.

Nesze - hardcore punk

Böiler - skinhead fun punk

HoldXTrue - sXe hardcore

Iszonyat - hardcore punk

Hematoma - hardcore punk

In my hometown we used to have a cool crew - AORA action or apathy - organizing gigs and things but they are getting old now and have their own families and so on... there are some gigs still but not that many anymore.

More and more "hatecore" nazis appear - luckly not on the scene but I think it is just a matter of time - ignorance is rapidly growing in Budapest, in the coutry it is much better I think. Of course there are some cities where the situation is not that good.

We have quite a lot of cool girls and guys who are really into the hardcore punk scene - making fanzines, running distros and so on, so we still have a kickass scene and we gonna keep it that way!"

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 4)

Saint-Petersburg, Russia (Part 3)

"Enjoy Crap
Old school hardcore band with members of Part of You. After releasing demo they split up too.

The Bright Side
New Youth Crew band. They just played several concerts and released demo a couple of days ago.

Middle-temped hardcore from Saint-Petersburg with influences of Stop and Think, D.Y.S. and even Black Sabbath.

Волчья яма (Volchya Yama, Wolf Pit)
New Saint-Petersburg thrash hardcore band with members of Sandinista!, Nervion, Frostbite and Black Sheep. They have already played a few shows and have released a live recording. Sounds like Pulling Teeth, Swamp Thing etc.

The band gathered together for the first time in autumn’08. In autumn’09 three remaining band members locked up in a rehearsal room to record 5 raw songs within 6 hours with help of two metalheads (thanks to Leha and Grisha). Some time after the record was uploaded to the Internet and recieved positive and negative responses. For the moment Warborn is rehearsing some new obscure material in a renewed line-up, getting ready for the concerts and more.

Dottie Danger
Dottie Danger is post-hardcore band from Saint-Petersburg which was formed in 2005. They have released an EP and two albums. Dottie Danger is one of the most experienced and interesting bands from Saint-Petersburg.

Ways of Revenge
New band formed by members of The Rave with female vocals.

Gorilla Troops
Awesome new band from Saint-Petersburg. Hellish mix of Thrash Metal speed combined with Crossover sound and Hardcore power. They already played several crazy shows in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and made themselves a name in the Russian Scene.

Monkey Wrench
Warzone-style hc with Oi! influences."