Friday, 30 July 2010

Basque Country - Bizkaia, Guipuzkoa and Alaba

I must point out that most hardcore bands that are active today wouldn't even exist if it hadn't been for hardcore's predecessor, a brand of punk rock called "rock radikal vasco".

These are the pioneers of the spanish punk scene in the 80s among others...





La Polla



*Before I start throwing names you should know that the Basque Country is divided into 3 areas: Bizkaia, Guipuzkoa and Alaba, and their capitals: Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria (class dismissed hehe)

Now, truth be told since then, punk rock bands have populated the underground, but there's always been shortage of real hardcore (of any school). That being said, the scene is most alive in Bilbao and its surroundings with the B8 Crew.

The San Sebastian area (where I'm from) however is known for a proliferation of crust, powerviolence and grindcore bands (there's a lot of powerviolence bands in the small town of Zarautz for example).

Vitoria saw the birth of one of the most influencial bands in the history of metal and hardcore in this country: Soziedad Alkoholika (they are crap now, but their first two albums are amazing).

Bottom line is there aren't tons of true hardcore bands in the basque territory, but here's a quick list (not all of them remain active, some disbanded years ago):

- Crickbat (Bizkaia - old school hxc)

- J.A.N. (Bizkaia - fast hardcore)

- Justa Venganza (Bizkaia - tough guy hxc)

- Justice Department (Bizkaia - Vegan metalcore)

- Zartako (Bizkaia - Antifascist hardcore)

- Fourscore (Alaba - hardcore)

- Nous (Guipuzkoa - old school haxc)

- Antihero (Guipuzkoa - powerviolence)

- Erantzun (Guipuzkoa - fastcore)

- Goddammit (Guipuzkoa - fast hardcore)

- Kobory (Guipuzkoa - dirty crustcore/grind)

- Anosognosia (Guipuzkoa - grindcore)

- Ira et Decessus (Guipuzkoa - fastcore/powerviolence)

- Hell Division (Guipuzkoa - D-Beat)

- Squassamento (Guipuzkoa - fastcore)

- Metralleta (Guipuzkoa - powerviolence)

- Txixaparrazta (Guipuzkoa - fastcore)

- Adrenalized (Guipuzkoa - melodic hxc)

- Materia (Guipuzkoa - metal hxc)

That's all I can think of for now. As you can see, not much proper hxc, kinda sad. I'm sure there's more and some I know have probably slipped my mind, but it's a good start.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Festival - Assis, Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Mediocre city is a bitch with no options for the youth unless it's the mall and music that's a load of bollocks. So the kids have gone back as always to making their own things happen ... some time ago some skaters occupied an abandoned school so everyone could walk freely without being hit or framed by police, and they've used the space productively and the result is this cultural festival..."

Crossover Thrash Punk Hardcore Brasil

Esbulho HxCx (Skate Punk - Assis)

Buero (Punk à Bílis - Assis)

Indigestão (Hardcore Punk - Assis)

Sucen's Truck (Punk Rock - Ourinhos)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Puerto Rico

It's sad to say but the puertorican hardcore scene is pretty much broken and dying, compared to other places I've gone to shows and shit. The bands here don't get paid anything at all, venues try to take all the money away from the few promoters that remain doing shows, most of them quit after they got indebted up to their eyeballs. The few bands that remain are pretty great though and the few people that go to shows really show their support. The main problem right now is the economy, the government here is extremely corrupt and they are pretty much focusing on campaigns and shit instead of creating diverse projects to reboot our economy, this is a real drag.

Still a lot of bands get enough exposure to stay alive and I have to say, for being a small country there is so much talent around. There are a lot of straight edge followers. I could say most of the people that go to shows are straight edge which is really great even though I don't share the same lifestyle. If you want to you can check out some bands...

Abismo Nuclear: Thrash, Doom, Metal

Andy's Revenge: Hardcore

KDC: Punk, Hardcore

Un Final Fatal - El Buen Rock

Tropiezo: Hardcore Punk
These dudes are extremely fucking good, plus they have toured all over the world and have been around for years and years, their discography is extensive and extremely intense, think of them like the caribbean Black Flag.

Back in the Day: Crossover, Punk, Thrash
The frontman of this band is the administrator for the prhc forums and he is one of the few who are working to keep this alive, bringing bands from overseas to come over and play.

There are actually a lot of bands coming out but most of them suck ass, play two shows and then call it quits, most of them think they'll get money from playing locally which is not the case, blame Hollywood for that one.

There are also a couple of home studios...they aren't the only ones but the major ones.

Dance Dance Records, owned by the drummer from Juventud Crasa, very professional straight up dude.

Discos de Hoy is a record distro turned recording label that is spearheaded by the members of Tropiezo.

Southground Studios have been established by a friend of mine. I worked with him for a while, very very professional with a diverse team.

Anyways I just wish more diverse bands would turn up.

Spain - Murcia/Alicante

Maza Crew

Label - Sly the Bear, Berlin

At Sly the Bear we are a small tape-label, which was founded in 2009 in Berlin and publishing passionate music is the starting point and the aim of our work. To us it is not about genres or success, but only about the love of music.


Canada - Calgary

The flyer is from a show I collaborated on with another promoter. It features the three most active current Calgary hardcore bands...




Headlining were Battle! (Florida) and Hercules (Nebraska). We packed kids in and were actualy about 15 people over capacity by the end of the show. Such a fun night with two bands that are relatively unknown. Both were amazing.

I'm 20 years old and have been straight edge coming up on 2 years. I'm from Alberta, Canada.

The scene in Calgary is difficult to describe. It seems to be hit and miss as far as attendance at shows etc. goes. However the core of the hardcore scene are some of the best, most dedicated people I have ever met. Problems are rare and fights almost never happen. Nearly everyone knows each other, if not on a personal level, then at least well enough to not start any trouble.

The scene here operates almost solely on a DIY level. The vast majority of shows are held in community halls, basements, and currently the one all ages DIY venue we have, called the New Black Center.

Unfortunately zines are not a large part of hardcore here, however an awesome dude from Lethbridge, a town about 250km south of Calgary recently put out an awesome zine called Exit Wounds. I think he's working on the second issue.

Hardcore has been one of the biggest parts of my life for the past 5 or 6 years, and even though the scene in Calgary may not be huge and we may not produce bands the way a city like Boston or New York or LA does, those of us who care give everything we can to preserve and grow our hardcore scene.

Alberta Hardcore forum

Blog - real screamo, real punk, real life

"This is a blog for punks with diy ethics and views. There is nothing elitist about this - it's to help promote the music and labels I love and bring them all together. This is a positive thing.

No illegal music downloads here, maybe some legal ones if bands want that.

DIY or die.

Get in touch at"

real screamo, real punk, real life

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Festival - Intersquat, Berlin

Dear all!
A little advice before reading our concept:
Setting a festival‘s frame is not an easy job. However, we would like to take this challenge. Except from the creation of a frame, we won‘t set up a strict program for you. This is neither manageable for us nor it carries out our principles. Intersquat is not some kind of a festival to be consumed. It is a D.I.Y.-festival and it lives from all our ideas and initiatives!

As well as a picture frame does not make sense without a picture, the festival cannot exist without your commitment. Therefore it is very important that you help us with the organization of some workshops, discussion groups, actions, performances and whatever you want. If you already have some ideas what you want to do, please send a mail to by the 13th of August, so we can already include your ideas to the planning. Of course you can also act spontaneously at the festival.

We are planning to host the festival from 10th to 19th of September. It depends on the number of announcements we get before whether the festival will be really that long. That means: The more ideas and initiatives from you, the longer the festival. The fixed duration of the festival will be announced by August 13th on our blog (

We are looking forward to working together with you all.
Have fun with the lecture of our concept and we see each other in Berlin in September!

Let’s come together to provide a base for discussions, introducing different thoughts, initiating meetings, linking each other, developing new perspectives and creating a self-determined and autonomous free space.

Being inspired by other INTERSQUAT-Festivals, which took place at different locations all over the world, we want to develop our utopian ideas at the INTERSQUAT festival in Berlin with you together. The possibilities to live a self-determined life are gradually being restricted. Many of the existing structures of squats and autonomous spaces are strongly threatened to become extinct. As a result more and more spaces disappear and with them the attached chance to organize ourselves, to discuss, to exchange experiences and to develop alternatives to given structures, go also.

From our point of view, it is necessary to criticise capitalism, leadership and the ruling structures in an all-embracing way. Hence we want to discuss about alternatives, experience the exchange and reflect on counter-structures against discrimination of living beings. Free spaces are spaces where all creatures can live without being discriminated because of gender, skin color, sexuality preferences, money or other inequalities created by society. Since all kinds of repression are present in our daily life, it is important to create and preserve spaces where such constructed inequalitites are not only accepted, but are discussed and reflected. Those spaces should enable us to live and act out our own identity and make it possible to freely evolve our ways of life. We try to live by detaching ourselves from those repressions and social constructions, making people aware of them and sensitive to them.

The so called gentrification will catch up with all of us if we don’t make a stand against it. The process of “upgrading” cities does not just force squats and autonomous spaces all over the world to give way to profit-making projects. New houses are built and old buildings glance in a gleam of light after being profitably refurbished, rents are rising as a consequence. As a result, people with low wages and those who are discriminated by the structure of society are being moved to the outskirts. Movements working against this social injustice are often criminalized. Moreover through repressive measures their possibilities to act is muted. The festival provides space to link and solidarise with each other and to be able to act against repressive measures in a more effective way.

Within a diverse and powerful frame the festival offers enough space for self-organized actions, discussions, workshops, information events, exhibitions, music and art as one way to protest and develop ideas. There will also be a free flea market which is supposed to make a breakthrough the capitalistic understanding of money values and prices.

Topics to be talked about could be:
How does gentrification show up in different cities?
Whats the situation of squats and autonomous spaces all over the world?
How can we network in a more efficient way?
How can we reach stronger solidarity with our forms of protest and actions?

Since the discussion about free spaces is extremely complex and often includes a variety of subtopics, the festival will provide space for discussing these subtopics as a matter of course, e.g. anti-sexism and the negotiation of leadership.

Of course sexism, racism, all other kinds of discrimination, and the
transfiguration of hierarchical structures are neither tolerated nor accepted on the

Let us share our ideas and imagination of a free and wild life. The festival grows with you! If you want to do a workshop or an information meeting, initiate a discussion, show your music, art or if you have some ideas or topics for the festival, write to us at:

Bring your tents, ideas and your unstoppable wild passion!

Free thinking? Free living? Free spaces for all of us!
Frei denken? Frei leben? Frei(T)räume für alle!"


Monday, 26 July 2010

Bosnia - Tuzla

As far as back in late 80s and the beginning of 90s Tuzla had its deep roots in hardcore/punk/metal music. Though much notable in the early 90s, metal scene and the bands representing it had its counterpart in early thrashing hardcore band Ludilo.

This band is widely considered as first to play loud, fast and raw punk music which appealed to the underground youth of Tuzla and Yugoslavia in general. Ludilo managed to release couple of EP’s and the LP Idi Bez Traga containing tracks such as Terror Piva, Daj Seko Daj and Egoista.

Perhaps the most prominent band through 90s was mighty Rupa u Zidu. They were punk rock band fronted by charismatic and influential Damir Avdić who was one of the originators of free thought, even in war times during the first half of 90s in Tuzla. In almost 10 years, Rupa u zidu released 4 albums: Samo hladno in 1991, Budi samo na distance in 1994, Love Me My Darling in 1995 and Laku noć pacijenti in 1996. The 5th album Kora was recorded in 1999 but it was never published. After decade of sharing stage with Rupa u Zidu, Damir Avdić continued to perform alone, releasing a few albums during the first decade of the new millennium. He also wrote a few books and theater plays.

In the late 90s and early 2000s punk band called Punkart emerged from Tuzla’s basements bringing the new energy and revitalizing the scene. They critically spoke about politics and the nationalist government fronted by SDA party, although Tuzla was probably the only city in Bosnia Herzegovina which wasn’t led by nationalist (negative context) party.

Early 2000s were productive for Tuzla’s hardcore scene as some newcomers appeared...

Nula Plus

Despotic Bullet (formerly Landsberg)



Defence (rapcore phase of the band)

Almost all of them played more aggressive and metal influenced style of music, supported by harsh vocals and heavy riffs, finding their influences in Pro Pain, Sepultura and early thrash metal bands such as Metallica, Slayer etc. Despotic Bullet played shows sporadically as to couple of years ago, often flirting with metal sounds and covering bands such as Sepultura etc. They self released Demo in 2005 containing 5 tracks. Likewise DB, Backstab also didn’t play or rehearse on regular bases, they recorded couple of demo songs, and played club and festival gigs.

The most notable was probably the one with Sarajevo’s hardcore giants Kontra on their 5th birthday. As far as Nula Plus is considered, this band was formed of members of Ludilo and some metal bands from Tuzla area. At their very beginnings, they played some kind of NYHC style of music, supported by screaming vocals, making their appearances on some notable festivals and demo band contests, even winning one. Over the years Nula Plus changed numerous members, experimented with other musical forms including electro and lost almost all their fans, losing touch with hardcore scene and lacking attitude.

By 2005 almost all hardcore punk bands were dead or played for their sake in rehearsal rooms. A few kids were sick of this lethargy and inaction on the scene, founding now prominent hardcore band Hobson’s Choice. This new energy put Tuzla back on the map, and brought home some essentially new ideas, as HCXHC (Hobson’s Choice hardcore) introduced straight edge ethics through its lyrics for the first time in Tuzla hardcore history. They openly criticize the school system, government, foreign troops in Bosnia Herzegovina, religious fanaticism etc.

HCXHC regularly plays gigs around Bosnia Herzegovina and ex Yugoslavia. Up to this time, they have released two EP’s - Dysfunctional Family in 2007 and With Brute Force in 2009; and currently recording long awaiting LP under the title Deadly Groundz. Over the years band was heavily influenced by the sound of bands such as Knuckledust and early Throwdown but the latest course sets the band towards trashy sound. The lyrics and thematic approach were majorly influenced by Trial, Seattle, WA. HCXHC’s members (also known as HCF – Hobson’s Choice Friends) traditionally organize annual show every June including prominent Balkan hardcore/punk/metal bands; distribute releases through ZERO distro; organize lectures and documentary films projections; actively involve in alternative scene of Tuzla etc. Through this period Hobson’s Choice became if not the most active band on Bosnian underground hardcore scene taking its part on prestigious festivals and notable gigs around this area such as Exit Fest, Sarajevo Metal Fest, Interground Fest, Rising Force Fest, playing shows with bands such as Kontra, Toxic Death, Born From Pain, Dead Vows, My Dying Bride etc.

Sadly, HCXHC is the youngest band on Tuzla hardcore scene, as some bands tried to tell their stories but called it quits before they actually emerged out of their rehearsal rooms such as punk hardcore band Treća Smjena or changed their course by leaving hardcore scene and making their names playing metal such as Contusio (ex Sacrifice). According to the first Hardcore Matinee which was overcrowded and took place this June in honor to the 5th birthday of Hobson’s Choice, there is still hope that some new kids will involve in the scene.

It is important to state that hardcore gigs in Tuzla never happened at regular basis, simply because of lack of space, but also because of disinterest in making some, which often forced promoters to improvise. Moreover Tuzla has never had any hardcore fanzines, labels etc. There are currently no active hardcore bands except Hobson’s Choice or individuals who are actively involved in hardcore scene except those in HCF (except Damir Avdić (ex Rupa u Zidu) who regularly publishes books and music regarding to social phenomenon in Bosnia Herzegovina). Backstab called quits, Despotic Bullet doesn’t rehearse anymore, Nula Plus takes part on mainstream scene and Punkart changed its course from punk to indie rock.

The most notable gigs in Tuzla were: SMF + Punkart in 2008 (almost 600people attended the show), benefit show for the little kid Mahir - Born From Pain + Hobson’s Choice + MTS in 2009, Devastation (USA) in 2008, Bogamber in 2007, and annual shows by HCF including bands such as Kontra, This Is How We Feel (SRB), Toxic Death, Neverlost (SRB), Trash Union (SRB), MTS, Unrise, Backstab, Despotic Bullet and many more.

Austria - Vienna 2

Austria - Vienna 1

I am from a small city near Vienna and go to the shows in Vienna.

I have read the blog and see you already have the important bands like the amazing Feeding Time, NGCS etc...

Here are some other bands although they are not directly from Vienna...



On With Life

Nec the singer from Mind Trap is putting on many hc shows in Vienna.
New Era

The Shelter has many shows...mostly the diy shows but a few months ago H2O played a little show there in front of 150 people amazing haha.

Then we have the Arena Wien..there are little shows (50-80 people) or in the big hall (400 people for Hatebreed, Terror etc.) but most people that go there are not involved in the diy scene.

I can say we have a good hc scene in Vienna. In other parts of Austria not the south you have more of a beatdown scene.