Wednesday, 12 December 2012

DIY - Gent, Belgium

THE GIG IS BENEFIT FOR NEW ANARCHIST INFOSHOP IN BELGRADE/SERBIA. In first days of January 2012, a big part of KRŠ, anarchist infoshop in Belgrade was burned to the ground, and fire left the other part unusable and unrepairable. KRŠ used to be a very important place for A//movement in that area, serving as Anarchist library, peoples kitchen, free sleeping place for travelers passing by or DIY bands on tour, temporary or (longer period) roof over head for local homeless punks... ...and home of other various DIY projects... even shelter for a street dog. Many nice moments and benefit dinners happened there, and all of us who ever visited that place keep it in nice memories, especially worm and welcoming atmosphere. The lost of KRŠ was a big hit for all of us, but especially for the locals leaving them without only place of that kind in that area. But there is no time to repent. Recently a new house that should serve as new infoshop is squatted, and allot of hard work is already done, but still allot needs to be done. The hard economical situation in Serbia makes it very hard to raise the money, and that is slowing down the whole project. So, we decided to do this simple act of solidarity in hope of razing some money and supporting our friends and comrades who are still fighting against authority and fascism in Serbian/Balkan extreme conditions. Come by, eat with us, check the bands, or have some fun dancing with us, and support the new infoshop in Belgrade. Anarchy and solidarity // Over the walls of nationalism and war!!!

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