Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bane/Down To Nothing/Lewd Acts/Gold Kids/Losing Sight/All Will Suffer

The Golden Cross Coventry
30th August 2009

This is the gig where the idea for the blog started...squeezed into a tiny upstairs room in one of the oldest pubs in Britain with some of the hardest working bands on the scene today. This is more than entertainment when bands of such standing (esp. Bane and Down To Nothing) play in a place like this...their philosophies and motivations need to be collected for the wider community.

Also there's the issue of how these people are together from different perspectives: EC/WC US, Italy, the Midlands UK...what's the same, what's different? How is hc local and global?
It is more than music, as we all know...

So this blog is an accompaniment to my experience of seeing and talking to bands about the hc community and its many perspectives...

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