Friday, 18 September 2009


Le Pub Newport
17th September 2009

It's a very subtle wind that has brought ON together. With the pedigree that they have (Go It Alone, Champion, Blue Monday), it is surprising that they still are uncertain of the response that they will get as they drift into new territories, driving through the night to whatever awaits them. It seems that they are living in the moment and, from the way that they play and the passionate way that they talk, they are taking nothing for granted. Musically they are still talking about where they will be lead and it's the same open hearts that have found packed venues in Eastern Europe and a few curious glances on the west coast of Ireland. But ON's beauty is they treat them just the same. There's a real maturity to their slowburn approach, using contacts and friends for tours and releases so they can keep in full touch with and possession of what they are. They met through the west coast community, which they report has a reliable network of venues, but don't seem offended by being seen as Seattle in character. Their city suits them well. Like it, they show talent with restraint. But what is obvious is that ON are intent on finding something within themselves that will maybe give new breath to the music that we all love.

We've come here to make our mark (Generations).

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