Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mexico - Merida 2

Mexico - Merida 1

“The local scene was full of ups and downs through the first months of this year. Lots of venues closed and shows stopped for a while but a few months later new venues opened their doors, and the shows came back. More people are supporting the shows and more international/national bands are coming to our town.

PxLxG is no longer playing... at least under that name. It is now Factotum, taken from a Charles Bukowski book.

Currently promoting the new split - Libera el Odio (Unleash the Anger) - with 2 bands from Mexico city (Ultima Victima and FCF).

Fuerza Interior, another local band, have a new album out - La Necesidad de Romper con Todo (The Need to Break it All).

Cornerstone is a new zine run by some kids and also the former singer from Brigada Esperanza. It takes a view of the local, national and international hardcore scene!

Last night Confrontacion, a huge band from Costa Rica, put on a great show.

Take care and also support the bands!”

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