Sunday, 25 July 2010

Mexico - Merida

Merida (in the very south of the country!) counts with a small but strong hxc scene.

The history of hardcore punk in our city begins in 1994 with NiƱos Suburbanos the first hxc punk band in the city.

6 years later Brigada Esperanza appears in the scene, with a little diferent sound, mixing punk and hardcore.

In 2002 a band called xgeneracionx (mosh core band) appears, being the first SxE band in Merida.

Years later, bands start with the "fresh" sound of hxc punk till today...

Fuerza Interior


Bands and friends from other states describe our scene as "very united/positive". They always say, "The pit here, is very different, there's no violence, just fun and respect".

Merida has grown in the last 10 years. Bands like Asunto and Truth Through Fight have played in our city, also national bands, making the hardcore scene in Merida bigger!


Esteban PxLxGx

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