Sunday, 5 February 2012

US - Stockton, CA

“Stockton CA used to be a lot bigger in the hxc/punk genre with older bands. Nowadays with the new generation we have this bullshit metalcore scene. I mean with cliques and all trying to fight people from being out of town and stuff. Through all that though we have some good bands trying to bring it back and sprouting up with all types of genres.

The band that really represents our scene well I would have to say is Place Called Home because of their work with local owner and promoter Middagh Goodwin to put on some awesome shows and bring bigger bands from out of town.

We also have 51-50 - a great power violence punk band for the fans of bands like Ceremony. They just came up and are Stockton local.

We even have some great bands from surrounding towns and both are stellar at what they do…

Cutting Loose who is hardcore/punk

Indian Taker who is Screamo/Emo

For venues we have the good ol' Plea For Peace Center ran by Middagh Goodwin and really without him and what he has been doing for years Stockton wouldn't have any scene.

We have also a couple of smaller promoters who bring some good stuff like GoldenNoose Promotions. State Faults and Ruptures came down to play (most definitely should check them out ) and there’s work on booking even bigger names.

Finally we also have Cutting Teeth who books in our area.”

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