Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mexico - Merida 3

Merida 2
"Things are getting better! This year was amazing for the scene - new people started to make shows and more venues were opened. After being dry of good mosh pits and sing alongs, the scene, our hardcore scene, started to show signals of new good times. Bands started to make their own shows, with the objective of giving new and fresh life to the local scene and still being the door for new bands. Good shows were made and new kids got interested in hardcore punk. The year is still active, and right now we have had a visit from Zeta (Venezuela) and Apocalipsis (Mexico City). Things are just getting better and more bands appear in the process. Check out Dia Gris (Neo Crust)
Pool (Old School HC)
La Haine(Metal Core)
Stench Of Death(Doom/D-beat)
Per Se (Post HC)
And the recent local bands are still active and recording... Factotum have just recorded 2 new songs and had 3 more released in the last 2 weeks of December. Martires
Fuerza Interior have a new downloadable EP with a furious sound.
And finally the young revelation Sin Respuesta have just recorded new material which will be included in their new CD. Saludos!"

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