Friday, 11 January 2013

Romania - Brasov

"Unfortunately we are only a small collective who try to take as much as we can in our own hands. We have a few bands in Brasov, whom you should check out... Coins as Portraits
I Stared Into the Forest
The Dignity Complex
Deliver the God who approach a more metalcore-ish side.
We have started in 2011 our own independent label called Fading Halo Records, where we recently released the new I Stared Into the Forest EP called - Unframed Pictures of Our Epilogue, available for free here. There aren't any local zines but I strongly recommend Leave Me Alone zine
and Gluga Neagra who are also organizing events and much much more.
As time passes, fewer and fewer people attend hardcore diy shows here, maybe because the number and frequency of metal events increased (and dubstep haha). We have been organizing concerts since 2009 (not very often) under the name of Play Or Die Booking. Throughout time we changed lot's of venues, either because they got bankrupt or they fucked us over, cancelling shows the day it should happen. Currently we are doing shows at some kind of rubber laboratory of a company, through a friend of ours. It's pretty wild, as you get raw diy hardcore punk vibe. Thanks! Take care."

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