Saturday, 5 February 2011

Belgium - Antwerp & Mechelen

"I’m partially from Ekeren (Antwerp) and partially from Mechelen. As far as I know Ekeren has no hardcore scene what so ever. Recently there was a modest hardcore show in the local venue Tel18, but that has been the exception to the rule since then.
If you expand to the city of Antwerp, you will find a range of venues where hardcore shows are organised from time to time: JC Kavka (primarily a cultural centre), De Rots (primarily a metal bar), Den Eglantier and Trix/Hof ter Lo (where Sheer Terror played its European show).
In Mechelen the ‘scene’ is more dominated by metal- and emocore. Although the local venue JC Metteko is most known for its hardcore shows, organised by Crisis Bookings. A booking project that is also active in the new Lintfabriek.

Previously the late Autumn Delay has been mentioned. Some members of that band and members of the late Loathus (a very exceptional band in my opinion) joined forces to create Old Wounds.

One of the guitar players plays in Crosses, which is definitely worth checking out. Although it’s guessing to whether they still exist or are on a indefinite hiatus.

Bands like Rise and Fall, Amenra and Blind to Faith have also already been mentioned. But it is interesting to know that these bands share members with either Black Haven, Oathbreaker, The Black Heart Rebellion, Kingdom and Hive Destruction. All these bands are a mix of hardcore, post-hardcore, sludge and metal punk. The late Spineless, a pure H8000-breed and a sort of pre-Amenra project, is also interesting to listen to.

Other bands worth mentioning are Countdown and Rhythm to the Madness. Countdown is a band with a particular sound, (heavily) influenced by that of the ‘Holy Terror’ and the beliefs of The Process.
Rhythm to the Madness on the other hand is no longer active on stage, but is actively writing songs. So is said. At some point the band also consisted of a member from both Rise and Fall and Amenra.

An interesting label we have in Belgium is Control Records. If I’m not mistaken the label is a new project from the owners of Powered Records. Up until now it has particularly released old demos (Rise and Fall – Demo 2003, True Colors – Get ‘Em, Bad Seed – World View) and European presses of EP’s (Stick Together – No More Games, True Colors – Consider It Done, Foundation – Hang Your Head). Next up they will release an EP of Not Afraid. A band which consist of members from True Colors, and is already being called the ‘new’ True Colors.

Concerning new and unmentioned zines we can add...

Wretched Souls

The Outsiders.

Both zines are or will be available in a paper version, but the second one also actively engages in video interviews."

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