Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bulgaria - Varna

"Travelling east from Sofia to the seaside, you can visit Varna, where there is a pretty neat hardcore scene. Annually at summer time Varna is the place where a summer hardcore festival takes place. It has changed it’s name several times: “Free mind”; “Union Fest” and now it’s called East Noise Attack. This fest usually gathers all the people and hardcore fans from Bulgaria and some guests from the neighbouring countries.

We’re going to take tour through Varna notorious hardcore bands :

This is one of my favorite bands around. Nice oldschool hardcore-punk sound. One of the oldest bands in Bulgarian hardcore and also the first band with 7’’ release in Bulgaria. It is split with one of the other hardcore bands from Varna – Outrage.

Typical 90’s hardcore and again one of the godfathers of hardcore in my country. With Indignity they were the driving force of the seaside hc scene.

Very nice fast punk band with some members from Confront. Strong political and social message.

The oldest hardcore punk band in Bulgaria. For sure the most influential and respected in the whole scene. They are political oldschool hardcore in mid-tempo with strong influence from bands like MDC and Dead Kennedys. One of my favs.

Dark metalcore band.

Brutal grind-death-crust band with the members from Outrage and Indignity.

Young hardcore-d-beat band.

Oldschool hardcore band.

Varna is not so near to Sofia, so obviously we cannot travel very often and see local shows of younger bands. Varna has a strong and dedicated local scene but only few bands came to Sofia for shows. Still we enjoy every time when we can see these bands and I hope somebody from Varna would like to write detailed report about this intriguing scene. It definitely deserves a closer look."

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