Monday, 28 February 2011

Bulgaria - Plovdiv

“The third largest city in Bulgaria is Plovdiv. There are some bands which need your attention. Actually Plovdiv hardcore scene is experiencing its Renaissance.

For example the band called Vzriv! got back together after 7 years in hiatus.

Recently there were a lot of concerts including…

melodic hardcore band Rezerven Plan

Start Today RIP which are one of our favorite bands / also ☺ /

Delate is another Plovdiv hardcore band which needs to be noticed. They’re raw and uncompromising NYHC with strong influence from Madball.

2 bands that we haven’t seen live so we know them only by name and reputation but they should be mentioned when we talk about Plovdiv hardcore…

Red Pack

Taking Hold

For sure there are a lot of bands in Bulgaria which are active and “must hear”, but they are from smaller towns that don’t have their own local scene and because of that they can’t play so often to gain wider recognition. And bands like this are…

Face the Truth

A-D All Stars (featuring members of other hc bands that we already mentioned)

Missing the Point



Old Joe’s Anger


and so on…

I hope that this report about the hardcore scene in Bulgaria gives you a brief look about how the thing are going on here. I again want to mention that this is the scene how I see it through my eyes and that there always can be a different or deeper view about the different cities and bands.”

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