Friday, 23 March 2012

Italy 6

Italy 5

"It’s been more than a year since I wrote the first article on this blog, when I realized this I asked myself if anything has changed in the last 12 months.

First of all in my life the biggest change is a new band named Holy in which I sing, and also we share members with well known acts like Verme, Scena, and obviously Light Up! (where I play the bass). We play a mix of D-Beat, New School Hardcore and Powerviolence, we recorded 8 songs last summer, supposed to be just a demo they become a 12” thanx to the work and support of Hell Yes Records! We’re about to tour europe from April 28 to May 8.

Meanwhile I keep playing in Light Up!, we’re planning to release a 5 or 6 song tape (with songs all sung in italian) and also a LP, we hope that everything will be ready by the end of the year.

Here in the Milano area things have become very quiet, less shows, less bands playing, it’s a sort of paradox because the town has a new mayor, who is supposed to be “closer” to the left wing movement, and seems that the all cops/antisquat season has ended.

By the way with Light Up! We palyed a couple of shows in a new squat named Black Aut (in the east part of Milano). It was super fun to play there and lot of people came ( we luckily shared the stage with Loma Prieta, in one of those shows), I recently heard they had some issues with the neighbours due to some rave party (sic...), I hope they keep on promoting hc/punk shows. Even in Monza the folks from FOA Boccaccio ( a well known squat, which was active for several years around the mid 2000’s) squatted a new place, it’s smaller, Bokanovsky are going to play there by the end of March, and maybe Hammers around June.

Talkin' about bands , this time. I have to quote some bands from other cities, that, in my opinion, are the best acts around. It’s sad that in a big city like Milano, well known in the past for his glorious scene, no new bands are rising. I hope it’s just a momentary phase.

Crop Circles (Trento / Rovereto) play a mix of Fast Core and Old school hardcore, they toured europe with Left in Ruins (and they're about to hit the road again, I think their next tour will start around the 10th of May). It’s hard to find a band that good, checkin' the italian scene right now, fast/slow parts, cool riffs, extremely harsh vocals. They released a s/t 7 “ and a 7” split with Light Up! Check 'em out!

La Prospettiva (Cesena) are a 5 piece that play Old School hardcore in a very modern way, perfect drumming, fast parts, midtempos, really well done guitar parts and melodies. The lyrics are in italian. I must admit I’m not too much into this kind of hc, and at first I was a bit sceptical about their music, but we shared the stage 2 or 3 times and they've always been a fuckin' blast, and every time they’re gettin' better.

Left in Ruins (Trento) play powerviolence for fans of both Dropdead and modern acts like Trash Talk, sometimes you can also hear some rockish riffs. At first they we’re a 2 piece combo, with Olly singing and Piff (guitar in Crop Circles) playing all the instruments. They soon set up a full line-up, to play live shows, they also released a s/t LP around the end of 2011.

Whale's Island (Palermo) are very different from all the other bands I’ve quoted, Whale’s Island play melodic hardcore/pop punk, musically they remind me something like Polar Bear Club, the vocal style is very close to Death is Not Glamorous, cool melodies, very enjoyable.

That’s all for now...See ya!"

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