Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tour - Beartrap - Arrive in the UK and practise

So this Europe tour is probably the most important tour I’ve ever done. It is 60 days long and I basically booked the whole thing (with help from Adam Brain Ache Records). It's insane to me how ill prepared I was for it. I’ve went on weekend tours that I thought out more/packed better for. So it’s about 3am, and I leave in 5 hours to fly to London. I have nothing packed. Needless to say I didn’t sleep. We made it to the plane on time and had no issues. We get on the plane and there is a good selection of movies. I watch half of 50/50 and fell asleep. Then I woke up and watched half of Drive. We landed before I could finish it. I’ve heard horror stories about bands being denied in the United Kingdom and sent home so we didn’t bring any instruments or merch with us. We get to the border check and the officer gives me a hard time and calls me weird for “backpacking around Europe”. Zach (bassist for BearTrap and Witch Cult) has a hard time with the officer he goes thru too. Mr. Shit (guitarist for BearTrap) makes it thru with ease, and he is the worst liar out of all of us. Then we went thru customs and literally NO ONE is at the doors. We walk right thru and no one gives a shit. So I could have carried all the merch and records I wanted instead of paying huge shitty shipping prices and fees for people to receive the packages. Alastair (drummer for BearTrap for this tour/guitarist of Witch Cult) picks us up at London Heathrow Airport and we drive on the wrong side of the road (for us Americans) for 2 hours till we get to his house. It was wild. Moral of the story is don’t believe every thing you read and take risks sometimes.

Day 2
Since we are sharing members with Witch Cult we flew over 4 days early to practice and get the sets down. We didn’t sleep before the flight or on the flight, and got into the UK at 730 at night. We didn’t sleep till “bedtime” so we slept from 2 am (UK time) to 3 pm (UK time)(9pm to 10 am Massachusetts time). We woke up and kicked it around Dorset for a little while. We went to Lush and hung out with the rest of Witch Cult for awhile. After that we came back to Alastair's house and watched some punk documentary. We left for practice around 7. Zach and I are filling in for Witch Cult and we both did our homework but didn’t have the songs down as well as we should have. We practice again Thursday thank “god”. Alastair sat down behind the drums and had the BearTrap set down better than the rest of us who have played the songs a bunch of times. He might be the best drummer to ever play in the trap. After practice we came back to his house, ate and now we are watching Blade Runner while I type this. Everything over here blows my mind. Driving on the wrong side of the road, the roundabouts, how close together/old everything is. It’s always cool to go somewhere new and have a different feeling than home.

Day 3.
My Body still isn’t used to the time change so I went to sleep at like 6am and woke up at 12. Alastair's other band, Pariso, had a show outside London today at The Fighting Cocks. We spent the day picking up Mazz, the 6th and final person coming on the tour, and driving to the show. Right before you go on a 60 day tour the last thing you want to do is go to a show but we went and it was ok. Pariso and Crocus were pretty cool. The venue was cool, a small room in the back of a bar. After the show we drove home. We have practice early/all day tomorrow and I can’t sleep.

Day 4.
Woke up early to practice. We went to practice and Alastair blew me away again. After that we did some Witch Cult and got thru it. The first show is tomorrow. After practice we walked around downtown Dorset and then Kurt made us some pasta with a bunch of vegetables and soy chunks. It was awesome. Then we just hung out and made fun of each others lingo. Always remember, no matter where you are on earth a cookie is a fucking cookie and never a biscuit.

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