Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tour - Beartrap - Greece

Day 27/Show 21/ Volos, Greece

Today we woke up to some of the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had. Then Vasko drove us to the highway because our gps doesn’t work good in Macedonia. We started the drive to Volos and it wasn’t a bad drive. It was thru mountains so it was at least visually appealing. We got to the show around 6. The flyer for the show said that doors were at 10. Why would we ever have to be there 4 hours early? We don’t sound check and this is punk rock so who needs to anyway? After we got to the squat the promoter told me that the show wouldn’t start till 11:30, and it didn’t start till like 1 am. Not that we had anything better to be doing really, but every promoter over here tells you to be at the shows sooo much earlier than you actually need to be. All the shows start way later over here too, which is mind blowing to me.

Vaggelis booked the show. He is such a nice dude. We layed in the cold room we were sleeping in for a few hours. This show is in a gigantic abandoned warehouse that is called the Riot Squat. By the time the show starts there are a lot of people in the small room the show is in. Probably over 100. We are not a band who draws 100 people, they are all there because it’s something to do. It kinda reminded me of the Lugano show, except a lot more people watched us. I always forget I’m so lucky to have grown up in Boston where it is illegal to smoke indoors. It seem’d like every person there smoked 20 cigarettes each during the first band. They had no value of human life. It made both sets insanely hard. Everyone was nice and the show was cool, don’t get me wrong, it was just hard to get thru without being able to breath properly. Also, at some point there was a dog cowering in fear under our merch table. Dean from Witch Cult had to carry it out of the room and downstairs. A show is no place for a dog you scumbag mother fucker. Take care of your pets or don’t have them. I’d rather not have you at the show so you could take care of your dog. After the show we went to the room we were staying in and it wasn’t as cold as earlier for some reason. We all slept.

Day 28/Show 22/ Athens,Greece

We woke up today and headed to Athens. The drive was mostly coastal and thru small towns. It was a nice ride, We got to Athens a few hours early so we could walk around. We saw some ruins, some homeless families, and some street venders get kicked out of their spots and yell at some cops. It was pretty eventful. We got back to the venue and ate a lot. There was a lot of vegetable based dishes that I didn’t know the names of and some rice, it was great. Apostolis booked the show (and booked the other 3 in Greece for me also). This show was at an anarchist meeting center called Kallidromiou 94. It was a decent sized room in the basement of a building.

The show started at 10ish and it was the first band's first show. They are called Cut Off and thy were a really good fast hardcore band. There had to be around 200 kids at this show. They all went off for Witch Cult and even more so for BearTrap. They bought a lot of stuff from us and everyone had something nice to say. This is the best show of tour so far, sorry Lisbon. After the show we drove to where we were staying, drank some tea, and are about to go to sleep. We have to be out early tomorrow so I hope we go swimming in the ocean.

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