Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Filmmaking - Positive Network

I recently came across some quality live clips of a gig I was at with all the crew from South Wales, so I contacted the filmmaker and asked for a bit of background:

Iron Clad - Birmingham 2010 from Positive Network on Vimeo.

I have always been into filming, I started off with a cheap camera then upgraded to an intermediate camera, and recently I saved up enough to buy the Panasonic GH1 which is what I have been using to film the shows on Positive Network. No one was filming bands and I think it is the best way to show how band can perform live and also capture the energy at shows in the UK.

I have a lot planned such as music videos, interviews and a mini documentary which will all feature soon on my vimeo account.

People can subscribe to my videos on facebook by following the feed on there. Just search Positive Network and become a fan, or go to vimeo.com/positivenetwork.


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