Saturday, 20 February 2010

Italy - Abruzzo

In our area, specifically in our city, Pescara, there is not a real scene. There is only 1 hardcore band even if the city has around 200 000 people. The hc scene died some years ago.
There are some good bands of friends but they are not hardcore. In Abruzzo (our region) the situation is different, there are some little towns in which the scene grows up fast and a lot of bands come out. In Sulmona there is a great punk rock scene.

Generally in Abruzzo there is a good scene with good and active bands:
Straight Opposition

While You Wait



One Trax Minds

Bones Bag


Rise from the Agony


The Memory

...there are a lot of other good bands but these are the ones which play more than others so I consider them better.

There are a lot of promoters but not so many shows. That's because of the location of the state...if you look to the map you can understand what I mean. A lot of big bands won't come to the south. They just stop in Rome, if you're lucky. Most of the important bands are used to playing in Torino, Milano, Bologna and Vicenza, which are all northern cities...
Talking more about the underground, you can find hardcore gigs everywhere. There are a lot of squats involved in the punk/ hc scene, and there is a large number of clubs (especially in the north) that often put on hardcore shows.

There are people who stand true and remain the same throughout the years, and there are those who change clothes everyday just to feel accepted by the "trendy" people...who in my opinion is the most far thing from hc attitude.

When bands respect other bands help comes fast, every time there is the possibility to be helpful.

Thinking about bands that represent the scene well is a difficult question. I can give you some names , but it depends also on my vision of music and about what I consider hardcore or not...

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