Sunday, 7 February 2010


I usually go to the gigs in Tokyo. I think there are two types of gigs. One is made by bands or promoters like the label owner or the person who likes music, and the other is by the venue.

I think we have a good community in the Tokyo underground music scene even though I'm sure some bands hate some other bands. But I think this always happens in any area in the world. This is just my opinion but the bands who try to have any kind of HxC and punk show has real talent and always puts on a good show.
To be honest, I feel the japanese HxC scene is really small, so a lot of people seem to be helping each other.

I think FC5 and Endzweck are one of the most representative bands from our scene, because they have toured around the world and also have a big HxC Fest in Jan for the last 3 years and it's always really great.
This year, the headliners were Earth Crisis, The Bold, Abihinanda, Bring it down, First Blood,,,,and more bands!

I don't think the scene fights for change... but I'm sure many people in the scene dislike the authority, bad government problems, religion or something like that. Maybe the scene just fights against main stream music?

I don't think there is any information in english about the japanese HxC scene.
Alliance Trax is one of the big japanese HxC labels which promotes a lot of bands from other countries, so there're always newest information about Japanese HxC gigs, so check it out!

There are a lot of great japanese HxC bands like

And Believe

As We Let Go

Birth Place

Doggy Hood$


Loyal to the Grave

My Love

No Choice in this Matter

Silence Kills the Revolution

,,,,,and more!!

Here's my photo page. so check it out!

Here are some youtube links
As We Let Go
Silence Kills the revolution
Loyal to the grave

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  1. I love Nervous Light Of Sunday. That band is incredible!