Thursday, 25 February 2010

Turkey 3

Turkey 2

This is Berk from Truth We Defend. First of all we are not a tough band :) We are not machos. Anyway we are not active now but we were not posing we were playing what we fucking liked.

Anyway here are some bands for you:

10 year old hc/punk band from Istanbul. They released an album called ''Under Pressure.'' The best of the best I think.

Never Reach Home (2008)
A new band from two members of TWD. They are playing fast poppunk/hc. Guys you must really check these fellas.

You Name It I Hate It
Fastcore since 2007 and they have released a demo tape.

Ultimate Blowup
Ultimate Blowup was formed in late 2008 and they got the band started in 2009 to play what they like so much. It has ex and current members of shit loads of bands and projects like Truth We Defend, Sakatat, Rott-Fish, Decaying Pürity (the grindcore one, in 2003), Circuits Made Flesh, Never Reach Home, You Name It I Hate It, Stevan Flipovic etc.

Grindcore band From Bursa. They are playing since 2006 or 2007 I think. They have toured Europe twice. They played in Obscene Extreme and have had lots of CDs, 7 inches etc.

Punk band playing since 2003 .

Malazlar is a fast hc/punk band from Ankara. They have a demo called ''Abolishing The Borders From Below'' which you can download.

Streetcore band and playing since 2007 I think. They have two demos you can download.

Another streetcore band from İstanbul but they are fucking dead now.

Street Dukes
Another band from the tough hardcore trend that's around these days.

I hope this will work for you, take care.

BTW Check Berk's blog...

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