Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Czech Republic - Brno 2

Czech Republic - Brno 1

“There are some nice things going on...

With my band Festa Desperato we're soon gonna have a new LP out on Insane Society Recs. You can listen to some of the new songs.

The same with Evidence Smrti (metallic crust with people from Risposta, Festa Desperato) - their 2008 Demo was re-released on vinyl by Insane Society and their new LP is also coming out this year.

Risposta (damn original crustcore) have a new self-released split EP out with DEFY from Brasil.

There are some new bands as well…

S.U.M.O. (crazy raw punk hardcore)

I put out a third issue of Drunk Nach Osten zine, only in Czech so far, but the English version will get done as soon as I finish my exams...

I work in the Voltage shop now, which I quite enjoy I must say... local punk/hardcore record shop.

The Vegalite Bar has moved to a new place - more vegan food, more activist evenings, more shows!

Take care!"


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