Sunday, 23 January 2011

Russia - Saratov

"I live in Saratov city. Here in Saratov there are very small number of bands...

Facecontrol (oi/hardcore, all SHARPs)

Balls of Justice (thrashcore)

Brigitte Sans Bardotte (screamo). By the way I play guitar. We are tryin' to play music in vein of such bands like Daitro, Amanda Woodward, Saetia, Raeen etc

But what about the whole scene of Russia, the most known bands are:

What We Feel (check this band man, one ofmy favourite)

Enagage At Will (in vein of NY hardcore )

Villainz United (in vein of NY hardcore )

Next Round (in vein of NY hardcore)

Optimus Prime (screamo)

Marschak (screamo)

Argument 5.45 (damn good, Kurt Ballou from Converge was a producer of their album)

Turbo Lax (street punk/hardcore)

Cut'n Run (youth crew)


Flawless Victory RIP

Проверочная Линейка

As u see, the most popular styles of hXc in Russia are NY hXc and screamo."

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