Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hungary - East/Békés, Csongrád, Bihar county

"I live in a small town in the Great Plain (South East Hungary) called Békés. This is a quiet and boring town, but I like it. There is no scene here, just a few hardcorepunk guys and very few shows. But nearby my hometown there are a couple of cities where the situation is a little bit better. Szeged, Szentes once had nice scenes. And the most famous hungarian punk band in the eighteens called CPG was formed in Szeged. But nowadays the situation is embittering.


Another Way (Békés)
One of my favourite bands. Very special mix of punk, hardcore and grind.

Level Up (Békés)
This is my band. I try to play oldschool hardcore with my best friends.

Libido Wins (Kunszentmárton)
Finest screamo punk band. I don't listen to much of this kind of music, but I really like them.

Puszta (Kunszentmárton)
Fast, raw punk with Libido Wins members and a crazy vocalist called Zoli.


Disturbance Booking
Very nice punk/Oi/hardcore booking in Szeged, Szentes, Csongrád area. Alex (promoter) is a very posi face, who helps everyone to organize shows, tours, but he is having a break now, I think.

Streetwise Man Collective


This is my hardcorepunk fanzine. Not so good, but I like to do it.

The other scene that I know well is the scene of Debrecen (Hajdu-Bihar county). It is a young, but developing scene. There are increasingly more concerts and there are many people coming to the shows. It's very positive, I think. The local guys (mainly Hanoi and Beholder members and their friends) are doing a lot for underground music in Debrecen.


Hanoi (Debrecen)
Melodic punkhardcore. They recorded their first ep this summer. Nice stuff.

Outrage (Debrecen)
Young punkobilly band from Bihar county. Not bad, but not my style.

Hands Off (Debrecen)
Raw/Trash punk. I play drums in this band.

Beholder (Debrecen)
Old hungarian hardcore in the vein of AMD, Leukémia with old Necropsia members.

This is Bihar Webzine (Debrecen)
News from East Hungary's undergrond life and shows.

Orange Mustache Records (Nyíregyháza)
I don't know much about this new one person-label, but I like what it's about. Many cool releases and 100% DIY attitude."

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