Friday, 7 January 2011

Zine - Ont Road #15

"DIY Punk & Travel Zine - OUT NOW!

Another 20,000 word bumper issue featuring travels in Romania (Bucharest & Brasov), Mallorca (Spain), Czech Republic (Fluff Fest & Prague), USA (Vancouver, Los Angeles, Warped Tour, Las Vegas, Summerslam, Bay Area, Weed, Portland area), as well as articles on the infamous Concrete Sox bodged euro tour, Lady Gaga, Accidents in punk-rock, Manic Street Preachers, Bad Religions 30th anniversary tour, and a short history of the 1 in 12 club darts tournament in Bradford.

Copies are £1 in person (and gigs), £1.50p postage paid, or 50p to distros (5 copies or more, get in touch first).
Postal: 14 Hessle Mount,Leeds, LS6 1EP, UK. International orders email first for postage information. Trades welcome but get in touch first.

Back issues:
Ont Road #14 (150 copies remaining) A bumper 20,000 word issue about a 2 month trip I made on the West Coast/Deep South of the USA, taking in Seattle, Portland, Bay Area, Los Angles, and Houston. It features the usual tales of drunken debauchery, punk-rock gigs, wrestling, and amusing anecdotes of things that I have experienced on the road. Available at the rates above.

Back issues:
Ont Road #13 / Go Fuck Yourself #1 - Split zine - Sold Out
Ont Road #12 - Sold Out
Ont Road #11 - Sold Out

Available for free at Punk Is Hippies."

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  1. hehe, you know that I'm going to steal this one from you.. ;)