Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Activism - Street Punk 2011, Helsinki

“Street Punk 2011 is starting at the statue of Aleksis Kivi 13 on 08/13/2011.

Free space will be reduced with a firm hand, social centres systematically evicted. You want to change places with just the traditional 'good citizens' standard? You should meet the people who are free to spend their time. Streets are filled with the richest, with their adverts and where are the places to spend time in peace and not spend money? Cars have taken over space from people without asking permission. We refuse to be invisible to spectators. We will take our place in society.

Punk - our way of life in every moment, not just in the music. It is a culture which makes things themselves and learns new things, without anyone else's demands. It is a language, culture, music, clothes, values, everything, without money, or decision-makers.

That is why we are here, as free individuals, for ourselves. Partake, let us sing, dance, call, let us be free today, because the future is now.

The previous evening, 12.8 Punx Picnic in the park at Dallapén. 17 - Safkaa, cotton candy, Shoot Asshole-competition, and other goodies in the program.”


Reblogged from Psee Psee, online-translated and slightly rewritten...

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