Monday, 8 August 2011

Germany - Upper Bavaria

“I live in Traunstein. I guess you never heard of it, right? Traunstein is in the south-eastern corner of Bavary/Germany. It's almost in Austria, Salzburg is just an half hour drive away.

In Traunstein there is no real scene, just a few cool Deathcore-Kids, nothing worth mentioning. You have to search around a little bit to find some people with the same interests but that's worth it. We have some different smaller scenes around here.

One example are the people from Obing, Hart, Garching etc. They are more into the old school type of hardcore, like Death Before Dishonor and such stuff. Friends and family, a little bit of tough guy attitude and so on. There are some really nice guys with them but I don't really like this scene.

The one I'm most comfortable with are the guys from Berchtesgaden. Berchtesgaden is a small city in the mountains, a typical tourist place, but it has a really good hardcore scene. The people here are more open-minded about all different types of hardcore. A lot of people are going to shows there and we get some pretty big bands.

There's one venue where almost every show is held, the Kuckucksnest. It's really small, around 120 people can get in there, but it's just awesome. Every show in there is more personal and has a better atmosphere like in big venues. The booking is done by some locals and recently the younger ones founded a new booking agency because there aren't that many shows anymore and we want to change that.

There are a few bands from Berchtesgaden which are really good. Both of these bands are trying to get some tours going and getting recognized more, so if you seem them on a flyer you should check them out ;)…

Wasted Words

Endless Shore

If you want to see some of the other tours you'll have to drive to the Rockhouse in Salzburg, where some really nice shows are made by United People Booking. But Salzburg isn't always a destination for bands, so you'll have to drive about 1 1/2 hours to Munich, the capitol of Bavaria.

The best shows there are in the Feierwerk. It's a complex with four different venues for shows, from a small cellar to a big hall.

There aren't any zines or labels in this area. The bands are doing their stuff DIY or order it from companies that are based somewhere else.

Sadly there are no people who are writing zines or webzines around here, besides me. I'm writing for StandUp Webzine, which I run with a friend from Stuttgart (and a friend of his).”

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