Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Belarus - Minsk 5

Belarus - Minsk 4

"I’m from Minsk and I saw you already have information about punk scene from this part of Belarus, so I just can complete something.

At first, some words about fastcore/crust band Lamant (RIP). They were one of the hugest and most influential bands in Minsk in the first part of 2000s.

The reasons are that the members made some zines like Xerotika and Don’t Panic! with a lot of information from over the world. One of members created No Manipulation label.

Lamant’s records:

Pizdets LP (2003)

Snejinka LP (2005) + Split with I Object.

Some new bands with garage sound influence. Check them:

Dead Queens are a young band from Minsk playing powerful garage-punk-rock’n’roll:
Blow Up The World single (2011), Dead Queens EP (2011)

Hey, Brother! - garage punk from Minsk.

Records: Hey, EP! (2011)

CBiHCiTY - oldschool harcore punk from Minsk. I call them “belarusian Suicide Machines”)

Skacore Killers (2010)

6+3 EP (2011)

Rise and Shine (RIP) - 5-piece band from Minsk, Belarus playing some mix of postrock, postmetal and hardcore, but with a rebel punk idea and sound. One of the main principles of their creative work is the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita. One of the best, for me.

Records: Rise and Shine EP (2008)

The scene gets bigger and bigger...

Jurgenklinsman (hardcore punk) was a first band from Soligorsk (130 km near Minsk) I ever heard."

Jurgenklinsman - Demo EP (2011)

(More info reblogged from Ungovernable Resistance)

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