Monday, 1 March 2010

Bosnia 2

Bosnia 1

We are living in Sarajevo, playing 10 years with Kontra and more then 15 with other bands before... this year we are making a 10 year anniversary tour and are the oldest active bosnian HC band...

Here are some links of other bosnian HC bands:
this is one of oldest bosnian bands Geneve Decree

Other bands:
Flatline (Sarajevo)

Dozer (Sarajevo)

Doberman (Sarajevo)

Unrise (Bihac)

Despotic Bullet (Tuzla)

Backstab (Tuzla)

Ofsajd (Sarajevo)

Menace to Society (Sarajevo)

Uncle Sam Decided (Sarajevo)

Treca Smjena (Tuzla)

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