Monday, 18 October 2010

Activism - Sao Paulo region, Brazil

There is a group here called VIDA, I'm not officially part of it but I always help them when I can.

The group is basically about spreading the vegan diet, they promote pic-nics with vegan food at parks where everyone can join and eat something and hear about veganism, they also do some leafleting. To raise money to keep their activities they sell t-shirts, stickers, and dvds docs, and I always invite them to sell their stuff at gigs, and also sell vegan food.

And its working, more and more kids are turning veggie hehehe

We are getting a petition together, we need to get 5000 signatures, we already have that number but we are quiet, cause we want to get more hehehe.... soo... shhhh :P

Probably the authorities will do nothing again, but at least we will scare them.

It's all because the rodeo used to happen every year, but in 2007 we did a lot of leafleting and organized a protest against it, also we tried to have the city prosecutor to sue the rodeo company based on many laws, but he kinda tried to flee from his responsibilities using all sorts of excuses till the rodeo ended, we couldn't stop the animal suffering, but they got really scared and didn't make another rodeo... till now, at least the animals got a 3 years of rest.


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