Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Romania - Bucharest

I live in Calarasi (somewhere around Bucharest). In my city the most listened to music is the very commercial hip-hop, pop or electronic music (not the good one) - so, nothing special.

There are people who listen to good music such as classic rock, metal or folk, but I think that HxC is almost dead here :D.

A long time ago there was a bar, Underworld in Exil. When it closed I think I heard about punk rock for the first time =)

On the video, Gabi from Molotov Cocktail talks about the bar, saying things such as the bar is opened when they want to, the prices are low, they are listening to less commercial music etc.

Like it says on the blog, Cluj and Timisoara are ''the best places''. Bands such as Pavilionul 32 and Haos are so amazing :D.


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