Friday, 29 October 2010

US - New Jersey

In the last decade there has been a slight decline in the New Jersey Punk/Hardcore Community. Should anyone be upset? The answer is "No". Why is that? Because things are still great and there are reasons to be thankful. With the bands of the nineties/early 00's broken up and disbanded New Jersey hasn't been left for dead. Many reunions have been happening to bring some people back out to shows:




The Ergs Concrete

Also many people in NJ are heavily dedicated to keeping things going, most broken up bands have members going on to form other bands and keeping things alive. As of right now the bands keeping things real in NJ are:



Black Kites

Back And Forth

Bottom Line



Filthy Habits

Flesh Temple

Artwork: Alex Heir


Jerk City



Rip it Up

Suburban Scum

Artwork: Roy Hames



The Wanderers


But there are people behind the bands too. Pat Gerity has been keeping it real since he did the now defunct Try Dying Records (Mongoloids/Years Spent Cold) in 2004 and now has Ride The Fury Records. Pat has been keeping things tight in New Brunswick and central Jersey with support from almost everyone in New Jersey. RTF has been the nucleus of NJHC. Most of the bands mentioned are on RTF Records.

Also down in south Jersey Big B and Ian Adams have been booking sweet bands coming in, along with A.V and Joe Allaco and all the dudes doing basement shows in central/northern Jersey.

Plenty of other people in New Jersey have been doing their thing, I just don't know enough go into details but I hope this helped you get an idea about New Brunswick to the shore.

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