Saturday, 16 October 2010

Festival - Killing The Legacy, Turku, Finland

"That's right motherfuckers, KTL presents a two-day hardcore extravaganza in S-Osis of Turku City, Finland. Dates are 7-8.1.2011, shows are happening on Friday and Saturday."

Line up is currently showing something like this:

Become A Threat (Hki)

Hammertime (Hki)

Last Laugh (Hki)

Enemyblood (Lahti)

Ill Omen (Tku)

Artwork: Ville Mäki

Get Stitches! (Tku)

End Begins (Lahti-Tre-jne.)

The Jacklads (Lahti)

The Random Sickos (Espoo)

There will be band or two more. Tickets won't be expensive and door times will be released later when a poster is done. If you want a nice showcase of Finnish hardcore, I'd recommend to come around this time."

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