Friday, 29 October 2010

Finland 4

Finland 3

I live in a southern Finland, in the same city where Endstand is from - Riihimaki.

Artwork: Timo Nykanen

In my area there are not really any hc things. If you want to see some bands, you should go to Helsinki. Travel time to Helsinki is about an hour, so the distance is not very big if you have a chance to see some great bands. In Helsinki there is one punk or hc gig a week at least I think.

I read somewhere from your blog that there are scenes in Helsinki, but also in Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä, Lahti and Tampere. I agree with that. Tampere is also one of the largest cities in Finland, so it also has its own scene. In the beginning of punk in Finland there were two major punk cities, Helsinki and Tampere. Of course there are bands from almost every city, but those cities mentioned above are most hc oriented.

Well in Finland there is a lot of DIY and zines and labels. I mentioned Endstand above. Well, one of the best and most successful (in a punk way) label is Combat Rock Industry. It started long time a go and one of the CRI founder was Endstand's singer.

As for zines, I should mention Toinen vaihtoehto (in english: second option).

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