Sunday, 21 November 2010

Germany - Hamburg

I am from Hamburg and there is a punk and hc scene but it's not so pronounced as in other parts of Germany!

The concerts take place in the Rote Flora or in the Hafenklang but not many go there, it depends on the band who plays!

One band who stands for Hamburg is Just Went Black.

One blog that I know is Our Turn Concerts. They arrange most concerts in the Rote Flora.

hc is an important thing for me. I connect it with sxe and being vegetarian/vegan! But here in this town there are not so many hc people but some times I like it because in some cities or parts of Germany it's too big and people call themselves hc but they don't know anything about the roots of hc that makes me sad!

On Thursday Youth Brigade are playing in the Hafenklang. Not many people know this band! That's a little bit sad but I will go there and support them! :)


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