Monday, 29 November 2010

Photography - BMHC

"I first got into photography, specifically live music photography after a trip to England (This is when I was still living in England) about four years ago. I had a little spare cash towards the end of the trip and my Dad, who teaches photography, suggested I buy myself a camera. So I did. At this point I had been going to hardcore shows for a while but was still a kinda fresh face so to speak. I thought 'why not start bring my camera to shows' and possibly give something back to this music community I was becoming a part of. And so I created BMHC Photography.

Lots of people ask what 'BMHC' stands for, in short I came from a town called Blue Mountains in N.S.W (AUS), so it stands for Blue Mountains HardCore. Blue Mountains was a smallish town outside of Sydney, BMHC was also the name me and a few of my close friends called ourselves, as we always banded together to take the long train trips into Sydney to go to shows every weekend. Since then BMHC has kinda died out but the name has stuck.

While In Aus I developed a kinda of name for myself, shooting hardcore bands nearly every weekend and seeing my images used on bands merch and on show fliers which gave me more drive to pursue this passion. As time went on I made some good friends, went on a couple of tours around AUS and had some amazing opportunities outside of shows as well, such as shooting the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art convention 2009.

Later that year I moved to England, a totally new environment for me, and I was forced to start from scratch and again try make some kind of name for myself. Since then thanks to the hardcore music scene, I have been welcomed into the U.K scene, made many friends and seen so many amazing bands and taken some of my best pictures yet, all within the space of a year it blows my mind. The hardcore scene has given me so many opportunities and made me so many friends no matter where I go in the world. Despite there being some egotistical and big headed, small minded people in the scene it is still something I have a lot of love for and will always play a majorly part of my life.

Future-wise I strive to keep experimenting and learning new techniques to improve my photography. I'm going to start to put my head down and try to make some kind of career out of this passion. I'm going to keep going to shows and contributing to the scene through providing images for bands as well as zines and magazines as I do now, (Check out A Short Fanzine About Rocking).

I've recently made a website where I put some of my better work, you also can follow my blog which is more up to date with what I'm doing or check out most of my photos from the last few years on my flickr."

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