Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Poland - Trójmiasto

Poland - North 1
Poland - North 2

I'm from Gdansk in northern Poland, it's the part of area called Trójmiasto (Tricity - because it consists of 3 cities that are nearby each other: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot).

But the scene is not that big at all. It's still underground and the audience at the shows is generally always the same, from 50-120 people.

We have 2 main venues which are Anawa pub for small shows and Ucho which is much bigger, it has been used for festivals and other bigger events. We have an annual DIY hc/punk fest in this venue every July.

At the beginning of the year we decided to make a place for shows and we've transformed an old garage into nice place but it has only held 2 shows in January and February this year.

You can see the photos from it at the myspace of (I think) the best known local band Calm The Fire.

The other band worth mentioning is Strong So Far!

There are also some other bands from this area but not all are still playing. Check these…

Filth of Mankind

No Reason Why

One Foot Japan

There are also at least 2 new bands coming, one newschool hc band and the other is my band, we are about to record a demo tape after the new year.
We have here, I think, one of the biggest straight edge communities in Poland and a big crew of kids that travel the whole country for shows, just like the Boston crew used to do in the 80s :D

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