Sunday, 14 November 2010

Poland - South

Wroclaw/Wroclaw 2/Silesia

I'm living between Wroclaw and Bielsko-Biala so here you have some good bands from my region:

Identity/We Are Idols/Eye For An Eye/Infekcja/Dead Yuppies/Creeping Corrupt/Hell is Heaven/Guantanamo Party Program

Here's some labels:

In Our Hands Records

Zaraza Productions

Drop Out


These guys are doing shows:

PMA Booking

Hardcore Shows Bielsko-Biala


And there is a place called Centrum Reanimacji Kultury (in English it would be Culture Resuscitation Center or something like this). It used to be a squat but now it's already legal I think. A lot of shows are there and guys from there make a lot of other activities.

I saw that you have mentioned Daymares :) Iron to Gold is the new straight edge band with Pat from Daymares on voc.

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