Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hungary - North West

I live on the north-west side of Hungary in Csorna, a small town close to Győr.

Győr is the 5th biggest city in our country (I think) but the scene is very small. Every week there is a show in our local pub, Red Rocket Underground and other promoters do gigs in an another pub, Rómer Ház. These clubs are home to other underground projects too, like hiphop shows, electro etc…

This area has more cities too - Csorna, Mosonmagyaróvár, Győr and Komárom.

The bands that represent the area the best are:

watchMybag - hardcore punk guys

Rosa Parks - awesome post-rock from Győr

Dealer Bt. - five anti-social punk guys from Mosonmagyaróvár who do a pissed off drunk punkrock

Gyalázat - crust grind attack from Győr

Do You Think I Care - unholy d-beat attack from Győr

Holy Man's Glory - math rock from the members of Kevés from Győr and Komárom

Mind Your Step - fuckin fastcore bastards without control from Savaria and Csorna

Suicide Pride - raw newschool with hopeless lyrics

Youth Violence - veg anarchist fast hardcore from Savaria and Csorna.

Grow Up Fuck It Up - fast and angry thrashcore

Thirty Second Trend - members of GUFIU and Gyalázat, unholy punkhardcore and there are many more fuckin' great bands. Check this bands top friends!!! :)

Győr has one DIY label called Pizza Days Records. It's my little label, I can promote my bands, and I can help my friends with promotion and releasing.

Path We Tread is a zine done by the drummer of GUFIU - interviews with Hungarian bands

Harc Áldozatok Nélkül (Fight Without Victims) - a zine for the people who care for animal liberation

Street News is a great zine about the real skinhead culture and has some interviews with ska, rocksteady and reggae bands.

Hope the blog goes well in the future. Keep this shit alive!!


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