Sunday, 29 May 2011

Activism - Workshop, Minsk

(eng.subs) Masterskaja / Workshop - The Film (2009) from Anti Copyright on Vimeo.

"Workshop is the result of processing a kind video diary of the activities of militants and activists in Minsk from May to October 2008 - a time when we believed in squatting in Belarus and were covered by the novelty and joy sometimes difficult experiences.
The euphoria of what was happening is long gone. We analyzed the error and then have learned from it, took into account criticisms and made conclusions. We were actively looking for abandoned buildings last year, but not forgot the joint action - the workshop brought together many of us.

But we are still aware of units of autonomous spaces, physical place of activity in our atomized society, and we intend to implement their desires in different ways.

We are happy to share this experience with you, and would be happy if this would inspire someone to any collective endeavor, based on a desire to change themselves and life around for the better!

Squat the world! Fuck the system! :) :)"

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