Sunday, 8 May 2011

Basque Country

Bizkaia, Guipuzkoa and Alaba

“First of all I would like to say that the person who did the first report about the basque scene did really good work and I am going to add some other information to give another point of view to it and also I will write something about the northern basque country scene, which really is located on the south of France.

I live in a small town near the border where the scene is non-existent, although the scene is growing up here, more and more international bands who are touring Europe stop here now and it is great for the scene.

Normally if there is a hardcore concert in the region of Gipuzkoa, it can take place in two places. The first one is Mogambo, a concert place located in San Sebastian which has a quite active calendar during the year and the other one is a squat located in Zarautz called Putzuzulo, both of them work always in a DIY way. However a lot of concerts are also organized by different squats (here called normally Gaztetxe).

In Bilbao the scene has taken an amazing direction since last year, where a group of kids called Fekal Criu Chous have started to organize concerts with international bands like Another Breath, Cruel Hand, Anchor... before it was quite impossible to see these bands here and always also supporting the local scene. These concerts take place in Bilbao or in the cities near to it.

In northern basque country the scene is not really active but sometimes it is possible to enjoy a good concert in Baiona (a city located next to Biarritz) in a small bar called Kixkil, but sadly it is not really often.

Now I would like to mention some bands that are working nowadays and they were not described on the other report.

Thanks to Losers: An amazing fast melodic hardcore band from Astigarraga with members from Bisai, Dreza, Neutral Kick.... They have just recorded their first LP.

Forus: A really great fast technical melodic hardcore band from Baiona.

Antifun Krieg: An old school hardcore band with female vocals.

No Komply: A really young technical melodic hardcore band from Zalla.

Tres41: A good hardcore band.

Critikers: Simply a great melodic hardcore band.

Keep Digging: With members from Geriatric youth, good old school hardcore.

Ezinean: A nice melodic hardcore band that sings in basque.”

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